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The Rhine falls. Switzerland.

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Under the terrible roar and cascades of splashing
Mighty shafts tend to down
And fall, as the deposed Titan,

In the water kicking up fairy fountain.

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Elements of unbridled passion
Creates over you that kind of power,
That they appear in the sight of the deity
Yourself miserable, small creature.

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But a little further away – and, conversely,
Rhine majestically, slowly flowing,
On the water surface move the court,
On the shores – красавцы-города...

Poems found on the Internet. Author Luda (last name unknown). They are very suitable to the topic.

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Look at one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world @- the famous Rhine falls (Rheinfall) there are always a lot. We were one of them. By purchasing a ticket, pass through the gate tower of the castle Laufen.

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Out in the distance is the town Нойхаузен-ам-Райнфалль.

4878453_sh_647 (700x525, 293Kb)

And below @- a natural wonder called the waterfall.

4878453_sh_650 (700x525, 301Kb)

in the Middle of the river is a tiny island-скала. It is for the very brave.

4878453_sh_658 (700x525, 325Kb)

To the rock you can swim on the boat. But let"s not tempt fate.

4878453_sh_662 (700x525, 328Kb)

But let"s get down.

4878453_sh_669 (700x525, 304Kb)

do Not forget to capture the beauty of the river.

4878453_sh_670 (700x525, 356Kb)

each level is an observation deck.

4878453_sh_671 (700x525, 336Kb)

is all of this happening?

4878453_sh_676 (700x525, 322Kb)

And this power, the sound of water, white foam...

4878453_sh_678 (700x525, 285Kb)

...and the multicolored rainbow, sparkling on a background of splashes, mesmerizing.

4878453_sh_680 (700x525, 261Kb)

the Width of the Rhine falls @- 150 meters and height @- 23 meters.

4878453_sh_690 (700x525, 216Kb)

He proudly wears the title of the largest volume of falling water of the waterfall of Europe.

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4878453_sh_697 (700x525, 253Kb)

4878453_sh_703 (700x525, 230Kb)

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4878453_sh_712 (700x525, 214Kb)

4878453_sh_714 (700x525, 247Kb)

4878453_sh_716 (700x525, 177Kb)

4878453_sh_717 (700x525, 269Kb)

Descend even lower, to the falls.

4878453_sh_718 (700x525, 271Kb)

For railings @- the water element!

4878453_sh_721 (700x525, 232Kb)

the Observation deck, which offers the most spectacular views, hangs directly over budowski waters of the Rhine falls. A magnificent sight!

4878453_sh_724 (700x525, 274Kb)

it"s Time to go.

4878453_sh_726 (700x525, 230Kb)

For podma Elevator.

4878453_sh_746 (700x525, 312Kb)

Unmatched Rhine falls,
the mother-Европе,
to himself catches the eye,
That is no longer required shopping!..

V. Khoroshevsky.

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