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They dream of the wind

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Northern river station

the Ships can"t sleep in the port,
They dream of the sea, they dream of the wind,
, And as a man longs ship
And you can hear beeps, it"s time to go...

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There is in Moscow a wonderful" речные" place. North river terminal is located on the banks of the Khimki reservoir. In the water beautifully reflected the houses on the opposite Bank.

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berth ships waiting for their passengers.

there are like cruise ships far lines connecting Moscow with St-Петербургом, Astrakhan, Rostov-на-Дону and local.

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the Station is a monument of architecture and one of the symbols of Moscow @-" порта five seas".

the Building is trimmed with granite and marble, stylized as a double-decked river steamer of the early XX century the length of the building 150 m, the height of the spire-мачты 85 m. the Building is decorated with arcades and galleries.

In recent years the station was in a catastrophic state. The supports and the building walls were cracked, and from the wash of balconies and columns is little left... in Need of major restoration.

we Will wait for you find the funds for repairs.

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Bon voyage to those who are going sailing!

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Near the station are playgrounds.

Numerous paths and flower beds.

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