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With the Cosmonautics day, friends!!!

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12 April 1961 began a new era in the history of civilization@- the era of manned space flight. 108 minutes the world tour, which made a citizen of the Country of Soviets @- Yury Alekseevich Gagarin on Board the spacecraft “Vostok”, shocked the world. This feat of thought and labor of the Soviet people rightly entered the annals of the great achievements of humanity as one of the most remarkable pages. On this day, the Soviet Union has widely opened the door into outer space, showed everyone what heights reached the domestic science and industry in creation of rocket – space systems.

(Music: “In space we opened a window” Music: A. Ostrovsky Words: S. Grebennikov, N. Dobronravov. Spanish Choir of all-Union radio and television)

Friends, I want to offer to Your attention a selection of our smolikau (rollers), United by the theme of"Космос in fine art". I like this theme very much. In childhood I, like many Soviet schoolchildren dreamed of becoming an astronaut. Wanted to travel to distant planets in our vast universe. Alas, my dream never came true, I became a space traveler, but the ability to dream of the unknown left in me for life.

(Click on pictures and watch videos)

5107871_Andrew_C (250x188, 39Kb)5107871_Charles_Barre (250x188, 40Kb)5107871_David_A (250x188, 88Kb)

5107871_Frank_Hettick (250x188, 66Kb)5107871_Frank_M (250x188, 68Kb)5107871_Inga_Nielsen (250x188, 65Kb)

5107871_Joe_Bergeron (250x188, 85Kb)5107871_Lawrence_Coulson (250x188, 61Kb)5107871_Michael_Kagan (250x188, 108Kb)

5107871_Michael_Kraehmer (250x188, 79Kb)5107871_Philip_Gray (250x188, 84Kb)5107871_Rich_Bowman (250x188, 71Kb)

5107871_Robert_Mccall (250x188, 58Kb)5107871_Ronny_Haklay (250x188, 78Kb)5107871_Stijn_Joosten (250x188, 48Kb)

5107871_Tyler_Young (250x188, 76Kb)5107871_Walter_Myers (250x188, 78Kb)5107871_Kashperskii_Aleksei (250x188, 95Kb)

5107871_Krainev_Sergei (250x188, 87Kb)5107871_Leonov_Aleksei (250x188, 85Kb)5107871_Rydakov_Aleksandr (250x188, 79Kb)

5107871_Sokolov_Andrei (250x188, 56Kb)5107871_Stefanov_Aleksandr (250x188, 77Kb)

Download all the videos at this link: https://cloud.mail.EN/public/A7se/hGa419xBT

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