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How to create masterpieces of ivory: Balls-головоломки hollow ships, and other delights of the Chinese masters.

currently, the carving on ivory and trade of these products all over the world have almost never practiced. Unfortunately, the elephants, these beautiful animals are on the verge of extinction, and hunting them is prohibited almost everywhere. Admire also those unique masterpieces, which was when-то created by Chinese masters. The incredible, painstaking work...

In ancient times, in China, in the valleys of abundance were found elephants, and rhinos. From the tusks and horns of these animals produced a variety of product tools and weapons, objects of worship and household decoration.

With the expansion of trade with the countries of South Asia and Africa, from which were imported ivory carving art in China has a larger development.

Китайская династия Цин. Слоновая кость. Эпоха позднего периода Мин или раннего Цин

Chinese Qing dynasty. Ivory. The era of late Ming or early Qing

Over time, China has formed two schools of ivory carving – Beijing and Canton (Guangzhou) practicing different techniques for working with bone.

Слоновая кость


Beijing school of ivory carving

Beijing school is distinguished by the brevity of the form and more restrained decor. The carvers tried to reveal and highlight the beauty of the material used and its texture. For this product (mostly, it was people figures) was carefully polished, if necessary, they were tinted to give a more decorative.


still life

Canton school ivory carving

the carvers Cantonese (Guangzhou was formerly called Canton), mainly focused on the complexity of the carving, trying to display its products to even the smallest details. Ivory they have been previously bleached, achieving sparkling white. Masters of this school striking beauty and technique...

a Favorite theme @- fishnet ships:

"Шары-головоломки" (Guangzhou)

Special fame throughout the world are brought to Guangzhou masters layered openwork balls, which they learned to make. From a single piece of bone using a simple set of tools, they cut several hollow balls, placed one within another, like Russian nesting dolls. Each of these balls can rotate freely inside independently. And, besides, all the balls were decorated with the finest ornate carvings.

the Incredible complexity of work that requires great patience and flawless precision... And joining them only the most experienced craftsmen, who have skills of carving was perfected.

The very first" шары-головоломки" consisted only of two balls gradually masters-резчикам managed to bring their number up to seven. And in 1915 one Chinese Carver was struck by the visitors of the Panama International fair, and cut them with a globe containing as much as 25 fishnet balls. But, it turned out that this is not the limit. In 1977 his son, van, Junbao, broke the record, made a ball, inside of which rotated freely 42 openwork globe! The ball diameter was 15 cm, the thickness of the small inner ball does not exceed the thickness of the paper sheet.

Speaking of the skill of Chinese carvers, not to mention the amazing work:

«Железная дорога Чэнду-Куньмин»

" Железная road Chengdu-Куньмин"

In 1974, in Beijing, was carved monumental sculpture called" Железная road Chengdu-Куньмин", the manufacture of which took eight elephant tusks. The length of its @- 1.8 meters, the height is 1.1 meters, and the weight @300 lbs. - more than 98 masters worked on this masterpiece for over two years. Subsequently, the sculpture was presented as a gift to the UN General Assembly.

Although ivory in China is now almost do not work, Beijing and Guangzhou via-прежнему remain well-known centres of ivory carving. Just now master-косторезы used for other material @- tubular tibia camels and oxen (the Tarsus). But these and their work on-прежнему amaze jewelry technique and perfection. It"s China...

Source: https://kulturologia.EN/blogs/280119/42052/

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