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Unknown Ivan Shishkin: what personal drama brought the artist to despair

Иван Шишкин и одна из самых знаменитых его картин – *Рожь*, написанная после пережитой трагедии | Фото: artchive.ru

Ivan Shishkin and one of his most famous paintings, *Rye*, written after the tragedy | Photo: artchive.EN

119 years ago, on 20 March (old style – 8 March), 1898, died the famous Russian artist-пейзажист Ivan Shishkin. He died at his easel, his death was sudden and came from a broken heart. Classic image Shishkin as" поэта nature" and" певца Russian forest" does not provide information about what passion really was raging in the soul of the artist. He had to endure so many personal tragedies that such an outcome was quite natural.

И. Крамской. Портрет художника И. И. Шишкина, 1873. Фрагмент | Фото: artchive.ru

I. Kramskoy. Portrait of the artist Ivan Shishkin, 1873. The fragment | Photo: artchive.EN

In the first half of life only passion of Ivan Shishkin was painting. He was born and raised in Yelabuga, on the Kama river Bank and the beautiful surroundings inspired him since childhood. At age 20 he went to Moscow to enroll in the School of painting and sculpture. Study he treated with seriousness:" Художник must be a Supreme being living in an ideal world art and seeking only to improve. Properties artist: sobriety, moderation in all things, love of art, modesty of character, integrity and honesty... a Landscape painter – a true artist, he feels deeper чище".

Знаменитый художник-пейзажист Иван Шишкин и его жена Евгения | Фото: artchive.ru и liveinternet.ruн

Famous artist-пейзажист Ivan Shishkin and his wife Eugenia | Photos: artchive.ru and liveinternet.gin

In 1867 Shishkin and began to teach the young artist Fyodor Vasilyev, and soon became acquainted with his sister Eugenia, who in 1868 became his wife. At that point Shishkin was already 36 years old, and his fiancée is 21. Niece of the artist said:" Скитание in furnished rooms he was terribly tired, and his whole soul surrendered to the family and his farm. For their children it was the most gentle, loving father, especially while the children were small. Evgenia was a good and simple woman, and her life with Ivan Ivanovich took place in a quiet and peaceful работе".

И. Шишкин изобразил свою жену на двух картинах: *Дама с собачкой*, 1868 и *Перед зеркалом. За чтением письма*, 1870 | Фото: artchive.ru

Shishkin depicted his wife in two films: *the lady with the dog*, 1868, and *in Front of the mirror. Reading the letter*, 1870 | Photo: artchive.EN

They lived together for only 6 years. In 1872, the artist began a black stripe in life: first his father died, then – young son, Vladimir. From tuberculosis died wife"s brother Fedor, with whom drita was very friendly. And the next year took the disease and his beloved wife, a year later, the dead son Constantine. The artist has left only a daughter Lydia. About that period he recalled with horror:" Белый the light faded, all in black-белой engraving, lost color. Brought back to life by native Елабуга".

И. Шишкин. Кама близ Елабуги, 1895 | Фото: cultobzor.ru

I. Shishkin. Kama near Elabuga, 1895 | Photo: cultobzor.EN

И. Шишкин. Богатый лог (Пихтовый лес на реке Каме), 1877 | Фото: artchive.ru

I. Shishkin. Rich log (Fir forest on the Kama river), 1877 | Photos: artchive.EN

what-то time he stopped writing and became addicted to alcohol. But painting saved him from despair. In this period, the artist creates paintings that would later be called his software works, life-affirming and celebrating the beauty of Russian nature. However, in reality these landscapes are hardly idyllic. One of his most famous pictures –" Рожь" – one detail makes some researchers make the assumption that it is not painted from nature, and added deliberately. Dead trees in the background looks like a dissonance against the background of this celebration and power of life. Perhaps in this way marked by a personal tragedy: after the loss of his father, wife and two children he felt a dry tree.

И. Шишкин. Рожь, 1878 | Фото: muzei-mira.com

I. Shishkin. Rye, 1878 | Photo: muzei-mira.com

И. Шишкин. Горная дорожка в Крыму, 1879 | Фото: artchive.ru

I. Shishkin. Mountain trail in the Crimea, 1879 | Photo: artchive.EN

И. Шишкин. Первый снег, 1875 | Фото: iskusstvu.ru

I. Shishkin. First snow 1875 | Photo: iskusstvu.EN

to come back to life helped him not only his native Yelabuga, but also a new feeling, broken out by artist Olga Lagoda. She was one of the first 30 women, taken as volnoslushatelnitsey the Academy of fine arts. Olga became a pupil of Shishkin, and in 1880 his second wife. The couple have a daughter Ksenia, a month and a half after her birth, Olga died from inflammation of the peritoneum. Her death was a terrible blow for the artist, in a letter to a friend he confessed:" Какую the loss I suffered... What it was for. Woman, wife, mother, along with the talented artist. My heart stops in pain".

Ольга Лагода-Шишкина. Автопортрет. Наброски, 1880 | Фото: zdravrussia.ru

Olga Lagoda-Шишкина. A self-portrait. Sketches, 1880 | Photo: zdravrussia.EN

Знаменитый художник-пейзажист Иван Шишкин | Фото: ridus.ru

Famous artist-пейзажист Ivan Shishkin | Photo: ridus.EN

Sister Olga Victoria was replaced by a newborn"s mother. She lived in the family of Shishkin care and niece, and his daughter from his first marriage, and of him. His death is a complete surprise to all. Shishkin was 66 years, he never complained about his health and continued to write. That morning he, as usual, was engaged with a student and worked on a new painting" Лесное Kingdom". Suddenly he shuddered, dropped his head on his chest, the disciple rushed to him, but it was too late – he died instantly. Arrived doctor noted a heart.

И. Шишкин. На опушке соснового леса, 1897 | Фото: artchive.ru

I. Shishkin. On the edge of a pine forest, 1897 | Photo: artchive.EN

Иван Шишкин у картины *На опушке соснового леса*, 1897 | Фото: vm.ru

Ivan Shishkin in the picture *On the edge of a pine forest*, 1897 | Photo: vm.EN


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