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it"s Hard to believe that all these paintings have written thirteen-year-old boy Kieron Williamson (Kieron Williamson), which modern critics dubbed" маленьким Monet". The creativity of the young artist, more and more attracts attention, because subjects in the works of the author are not childish and naive, as often happens at such an early age, and very unworldly, and what-то specific vision of the world. Besides, behind the talented boys is not one solo exhibition and sold dozens of paintings, all of which builds up a new army of fans who appreciate impressionism...

Картины тринадцатилетнего Киерона Уильямсона (Kieron Williamson).

Picture of the thirteen Kieron Williamson (Kieron Williamson).

Трудно повреить в то, что эти кратины написаны 13-летним мальчиком. Автор: Киерон Уильямсон (Kieron Williamson).

Hard poverity that these kratina written 13-летним boy. Author: Kieron Williamson (Kieron Williamson).

Работы 13-летнего Киерона Уильямсона (Kieron Williamson).

Work 13-летнего of Kieron Williamson (Kieron Williamson).

13-летний Киерон Уильямсон (Kieron Williamson) своим творчеством покорил множество сердец.

13-летний Kieron Williamson (Kieron Williamson) with their creativity conquered many hearts.

Работы 13-летнего Киерона Уильямсона (Kieron Williamson) всё больше и больше становятся востребованы.

Work 13-летнего of Kieron Williamson (Kieron Williamson) more and more become popular.

Потрясающие работы Киерона Уильямсона (Kieron Williamson).

Stunning works of Kieron Williamson (Kieron Williamson).

Впечатляющие работы Киерона Уильямсона (Kieron Williamson).

the Impressive work of Kieron Williamson (Kieron Williamson).

Kieron, like any boy his age likes to play football and computer games, but these Hobbies, in no way prevented him from writing beautiful pictures, in which reigns an incredible atmosphere, not inherent in the young creation. Your impulse for painting he showed in six years, when his favorite pastime was razukrashki and predominantly black. But at eight, he changed his vision of the world and added in a paint job. From-за specific writing technique, like the impressionism, Williamson called" Мини Monet". And it is not surprising that every year, the little genius has gained more and more skills, honing their skill, creating a truly noteworthy masterpieces. And who knows what will happen a year later-два, because the boy is growing, attitudes are changing, and creativity is not in place. Besides, apparently, he is not going to leave this fascinating process, hoping that his paintings came up for auction at Bonhams auction.

Работы современного художника Киерона Уильямсона (Kieron Williamson).

the work of contemporary artist Kieron Williamson (Kieron Williamson).

Импрессионизм в работах Киерона Уильямсона (Kieron Williamson).

Impressionism in the works of Kieron Williamson (Kieron Williamson).

Киерона Уильямсона (Kieron Williamson) прозвали - Маленьким Моне.

Kieron Williamson (Kieron Williamson) called @- Little Monet.

13-летний художник Киерон Уильямсон (Kieron Williamson).

13-летний artist Kieron Williamson (Kieron Williamson).

Творчество Киерона Уильямсона (Kieron Williamson).

The Work Of Kieron Williamson (Kieron Williamson).

Совсем недетские работы Киерона Уильямсона (Kieron Williamson).

Quite childish work of Kieron Williamson (Kieron Williamson).

Таланту Киерона Уильямсона (Kieron Williamson) могут позавидовать даже состоявшиеся художники.

the Talent of Kieron Williamson (Kieron Williamson) are the envy of even established artists.

Картины 13-летнего Киерона Уильямсона (Kieron Williamson).

Picture 13-летнего of Kieron Williamson (Kieron Williamson).

vivid and atmospheric, the stories presented in the works of Cala Haguma, the exhibition which was held 15-летнем age. And, despite the fact that almost all of the work of the author, at first glance monotonous, however, his paintings are eagerly distributed around the world, occupying places of honor in private collections of connoisseurs of this art. After all of the painting is impregnated with the most incredible atmosphere that can captivate the viewer in a fascinating journey through the wet streets under the sound of the rain...

Source: http://www.kulturologia.EN/blogs/100316/28655/

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