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Russian artist Vladimir Popov was born on 26 September 1961 in the city of Michurinsk, Tambov region. Studied at children"s art school of the city of Michurinsk. In 1976-1980 studied at the Abramtsevo art-промышленном school. Vasnetsov, and after the art-промышленной Academy. Mukhina at the Department of monumental painting. Since 2000 lives and works in Paris. Is a participant of numerous exhibitions, including personal.

His works are in the collection of the city hall Bressuire (France), the headquarters-квартире the reunification of Germany in Bonn, in private collections in Russia, Germany, France, Norway, Holland, Spain, USA.
For this talented artist there are no stylistic boundaries.

Horizons of his work wide open. Vladimir Popov is engaged in various genres of painting, showing a particular talent for the female form and still life. Thanks to the combination of classical rigor and romantic imagination, it is not subject to any desire to copy others, Vladimir Popov turned away from" реалистической" illusion and expresses his feelings to life through deliberate. His works are developed in a magical atmosphere, which is dominated by the inner life, meditation, the pursuit of transcendence.





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