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Miniature paintings on shell

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Miniature paintings on shells, made with precision

the world is full of talented and exciting artists that amaze the audience and the rest of the audience with their inexhaustible fantasy, a variety of shapes, colors, styles, and even the things on which they draw and use them as a canvas. And an American artist from California Mary Kenyon (Mary Kenyon) was no exception. She is one of the most talented artists of our time, which combines not only artistic, but also a deep aesthetic and philosophical view on many things.

a Young beauty. Author: Mary Kenyon.

Most modern artists seek to find something new to occupy its own particular niche that would attract viewers and art lovers. There was everything in the world: and people, drawing on tea bags, and anyone who creates tiny paintings in miniature, and even knitted materials, that precise and detailed convey all the shades and beauty of the landscapes and celestial bodies. As shown, the smaller the object on which drawing is performed, the more excitement it causes among the audience. But the wings of butterflies have long been occupied by other artists, as well as other mini-полотна from the natural world, and therefore the mistress Mary had no other way but to find their own, something new and amazing seashells that, it became a kind of canvas. It shell turned her work into extraordinary works of art, their matte glitter makes even the most ordinary picture of unique and special surface of each of the clam gives to its charm and allure, making little paintings in a real treasure that can be found in the depths of the ocean where sank the ancient, decrepit ships.

portrait of a girl. Author: Mary Kenyon.

the Artist says that the desire to creativity, and to all unusual is happening to her father:" His soul has always been an artistic, it perfectly combines the talent of the artist who creates oil and paint, and Carver on natural leather. When he died in his Studio there was a set of materials: shiny oil and acrylic, majestic canvases of all shapes and sizes, scraps of leather, is finely tuned instruments. All this became my inspiration, a little world, from which I drew my Muse and so decided to link their fate with the art".

Another image from the work of Alphonse Mucha. Author: Mary Kenyon.

the Uniqueness of her work lies in the special technique. Mary works in the style of decoupage, i.e., covering the entire surface of the shell is selected and pre-planned image. After the picture is finished, she puts on her decor and the finishing touches: gold paint, shiny in the sun, a variety of three-dimensional decorations, the most popular of which are the rhinestones and brass items from Swarovski. It all blends perfectly and complements the images that are in the depths of shells: sharks surrounded by the sea, women-бабочек that are opening their wings towards the world, imitating the dancers of the 60-х years, portraits of ladies and noblewomen, shiny, inviting each part and the fluttering wings of a dragonfly and more. All this leaves no doubt that this unique and stylish decoration, along with fans, hand mirrors, and many others, could at the time to belong to a noble lady of high society, which liked to boast of their finds and acquisitions handmade.

Alphonse Mucha. Author: Mary Kenyon.

it is Noteworthy that mistress began relatively recently, but was inspired by many things. For example, she often noticed on the Internet various master-классы and videos-уроки on the theme of decoration of shells, rather, their outer surface with paint, rhinestones, and many others. Inspired by this, Mary confesses that he spent many hours watching lessons on YouTube and realizing that this will be the reason of her further work, but will look for-особому and very different, and it will significantly complicate their task, holding on painting the inner part of the shells, the first was a beautiful, mother-of-pearl, became whose-то decoration.

Butterfly goddess. Author: Mary Kenyon.

mermaid. Author: Mary Kenyon.

Most interesting is that Mary has no artistic education. She sheepishly States that he is the only artist-самоучкой that in early childhood, not even trying to pick up a brush and paint at least on standard paper. Her whole life was spent in observing the work of her father, as do others, and only in adulthood did she realize that her destiny is to give the world something radically new, and even unheard of. She admits that was born just at the right time when the world is changing rapidly and is itself a canvas on which to paint a fussy, unclear colors, and she wanted to bring a little diversity, luxury and true natural beauty.

Gypsy soul. Author: Mary Kenyon.

kenion has become so popular and famous thanks to the worldwide network photo sharing Instagram. When she first started there to guide your page, it work not received an adequate response, because everything new that appears in this world must go through its own particular stage of learning and acceptance of other people. But the artist did not give up, did not pay attention to the low reviews of their work or a small number of likes. And no wonder, because with each new shell, with each masterpiece that she put on the shiny surface, her army of fans grew, as well as the recognition of her work. But because today it is very popular blogger, who love and care comments about each subscriber. She genuinely believes that these people that put the heart under her work, encourages her to continue, to share with the world their innovative ideas and visions of a great.

the Wings of a butterfly. Author: Mary Kenyon.

the Artist calls himself a true addict, a creative maniac who zealously explores everything, even the most tiny details and subjects available to her. She truly rejoices in the fact that has access to the Internet where they can draw ideas, admire the paintings of other artists to look for Antiques and to get acquainted with how they looked in order, ultimately, to embody it in their works, but so skillfully that there remains no doubt that the author of the most creative came not only to labour but also to training. This is displayed in high detail, in detail, each brush stroke that is applied to a soft and cool surface marine life.

mermaid. Artist: John William Waterhouse. Author: Mary Kenyon.

Bloom. Author: Mary Kenyon.

questions about why a Maritime theme, and why shells as canvases, Mary throws up his hands. She says that in his time, often walking along the beaches in his hometown, enjoying the soft and warm sand, the sunshine, the singing of the waves, and also loved to collect shells, stuffing their pockets to overflowing, and bringing home, carefully placing them in my room and enjoying the brilliance of each of them. What pleased the little girl, now became the inspiration for an adult artist, carries the joy of children in their work. Because the sea and ocean – a multi-faceted, they have no borders, exactly the same as the human imagination. This inspired Mary to her work, the fact that every inhabitant of the seas and oceans – special, and each shell she found in the sand and carefully purified water, polished by sea waves, the second such a unique and impossible to find. And it"s not only marine life, but in that structure, shadow, tone of the picture in any of the shell – specific, which gives scope for imagination and opens a small window into the world of the unknown. After all, if you work hard, you can easily imagine what-то of shells a certain image, which makes the artist for several years.

Peacock. Author: Mary Kenyon.

Dragonfly. Author: Mary Kenyon.

Kenyon said about the work in the following way:" Let what you do be what you love the most." It"s a motto that prevents her to give up and to turn off the walkways. She really loves her job, that is clearly seen in every, even smallest detail, a thin stroke, made with special zeal and enthusiasm of the author. The artist does not determine itself to one kind of creativity and believes that her work can be attributed exclusively to paintings or crafts. It combines the features of both, combining them together so harmoniously and skillfully to this day causing excitement among millions of users around the world that always wanted to take home something from the depths of the ocean is the most mysterious and unknown of all that is on our fertile planet.

Roses. Author: Mary Kenyon.

a Couple of peacocks. Author: Mary Kenyon.


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