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Artist Peter Merk Of Menstad

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Artist Peter Merk of Monsted (Peder Mørk Mønsted) is one of those artists, which has given the concept of the" Golden age" of painting in Denmark.

he was Born in Denmark in 1859, on the Jutland Peninsula. In childhood attended drawing lessons at the art school of Aarhus, later moved to Copenhagen four years he studied at the Royal Danish Academy of fine arts.

After the Academy he studied in the school of Peter Severin Croara, and then moved to Paris and studied in the Atelier of Adolph William Bouguereau.
In 1882, studied and worked in Rome and on the island of Capri.
traveled extensively in Europe and North Africa.

the artist"s Work became widely known in Europe, and deserved high praise from critics and art lovers.

did Not become artist in June 1941.

Summer landscape paintings here

0_49b9c_2f086d76_orig (350x46, 4Kb)

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