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Gamla Stan. Stockholm. Part 5.

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Stortorget Square

It is in this area XIII century was the beginning of the Swedish capital. It remained virtually unchanged for centuries on all sides the square is surrounded by old stone merchant houses.

4878453_shyv_495 (700x525, 259Kb)

From Swedish, it means:" Большая area". Today she will surprise us with their small size.

4878453_9192t (690x568, 161Kb)

But we must understand that it is the oldest in Stockholm and got its name hundreds of years ago. By the standards of those times she had a really impressive size.

4878453_shyv_517 (700x525, 250Kb)

the Area is distinguished by its comfort and flavor. Colorful facades are decorated with sculptures and carved metal elements.

4878453_shyv_502 (700x525, 261Kb)

She looks amazing at any time of the year, as around fabulous colorful architectural" конфетки".

4878453_shyv_518 (700x525, 318Kb)

Since ancient times this place was considered an event-driven heart of the city: it has hosted a variety of meetings, events, there was a brisk trade.

4878453_shyv_511 (700x525, 296Kb)

Every inch of space filled with history, here I conceive free Sweden.

4878453_mo1 (700x525, 85Kb)

IRKO-красный house with the 92 white stones was particularly well-known after the event, named" Стокгольмской bloodbath". In November 1520, king Christian II invited to his coronation all revered influential people in the city and gave them a feast. After three days of celebrations and the doors were locked and the king showed his guests the charges.

the fact that Christian II was a Danish king and ascended the throne after the victory in the war Sweden and Denmark, while his guests fought against the king. In this regard, Christian II ordered the execution of all invited. Then the bodies were taken to the outskirts of town and burned. After this event the king began to call Christian the Tyrant.

4878453_mo9t (523x690, 91Kb)

92 the white stone on the house symbolize the heads of the executed. they Say that in heavy rains water falling from the facade of this house is stained with the blood of the victims, and white stones remind us of this terrible punishment.

4878453_yadro5t (700x525, 77Kb)

On the square there is another" секретная" of interest: the Cannonball lodged in a corner of the house number 7. they Say that this kernel was meant for the Danish king Christian II from the future Swedish king Gustav Vasa.

4878453_shyv_512 (700x525, 286Kb)

This shot was the beginning of the decline of the yoke of the Danes over the Swedes, when king Christian II was forced to escape to Denmark, and in the reign of Gustav Vasa, whose reign was associated with many colourful events in the history of Sweden. Core since the days forever stuck in this building and serves as a visual reminder of the liberation struggle of the Swedes.

4878453_shyv_493 (700x525, 278Kb)

Before us the building of the Swedish Academy, where she meets and elects the Nobel prize for literature.

4878453_shyv_503 (700x525, 268Kb)

Here is another Nobel library, on the ground floor the Nobel Museum. The building was designed by Eric Palmstedt in 1776 to exchange it to 1990 was carried out stock trading.

4878453_shyv_504s (700x525, 61Kb)

the Nobel Museum in Stockholm was opened in 2001 just then marks 100 years since the awarding of the first Nobel prize. No prize more credible and desirable than this.

4878453_shyv_505 (700x525, 251Kb)

Controversial, original thinking, free from any ideology, the inventor of dynamite, Alfred Nobel throughout his life showed the world how to live, to create, to fight and achieve results.

4878453_shyya725t (700x521, 71Kb)

At the Museum regularly held various exhibitions, seminars, lectures, arrange theatrical performances, there are ongoing scientific debates and discussions.

4878453_nobe5t (690x477, 64Kb)

what tourists love the Museum" динамитного king"? For modern, technically well-equipped exposure. For a chance to see educational film about any Nobel prize winner. Here you can see among the exhibits to such rarities as the very first bottle of penicillin or insulin, got on the shelves of pharmacies in the world. Can to carry out physical and chemical experiments. You can know more about scientific research and personal tragedies of the life of Alfred Nobel.

4878453_shyya726t (700x525, 84Kb)

Departing from this world, a successful entrepreneur and scientist all bequeathed to fight for peace, to develop science and art in the name of all humanity, regardless of nationalities, religion, creed, sex, age.

4878453_shyya727t (700x523, 88Kb)

And to encourage scientists, politicians and writers, Nobel bequeathed the income from his vast fortune to be split between the most outstanding chemists, physicists, doctors, writers and fighters for peace.

4878453_shyv_510 (700x525, 286Kb)

In the center of the square is an ancient well. It was built in the XVIII century on the project of Eric Palmstedt.

4878453_shyv_499 (525x700, 273Kb)

the Well served as the zero kilometer of the Swedish roads. It was used as a source of drinking water and for fire extinguishing.

4878453_shyv_507s (700x525, 49Kb)

In 1856, the well has dried up from-за the lowering of the groundwater level, and three years later he did, and was moved to a neighbouring square.

4878453_shyv_508 (700x525, 318Kb)

why? Yes, because it interfered with the movement over a Large area))) the well was the pump and worked until 1950. Then it again returned to a Large area.

4878453_shyv_498 (700x525, 281Kb)

currently well connected to the city water system and is a fountain.

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