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Watch with a Russian soul

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Artist Yuri Firsanov made an amazing collection of watches from a tree called" Russian soul of clocks".

creating their own works, the artist spent 5 years, and tried to embody in them the power and the purity of the Russian mind, heart, and wisdom, all of the multifaceted inner world of a Russian man, full of the elements of the peasant utensils and way of life. All these samovars, spinning wheels, Potter"s wheels, horseshoes are certain characters that remind us about the concepts of happiness, well-being and the inexorable movement of time.

With every job we look at the happy, cheerful person. Every wrinkle the sun shines, the eyes sparkle with goodness, love and tenderness. The past lives in the present, and from this double alloy grows the future.

Watch" Stizhok"
" is Not the hay that meadow, and what in a haystack":

Watch" Drovnitsa"
" to drink Tea — do not cut wood":

Watch" the Bath"
" Bath — second mother":

Watch the" Stove"
" Two brands and in the smoke, and one in the oven goes out":

Watch" lullaby"
" Bayu-баюшки-баю":

Watch" Bread and around the head"

Watch" Potter"
" Not gods pots":

Watch" Blacksmith"
" Everyone is the blacksmith of his own happiness":

Watch" Mushroom"
" Bow to your piece of land, will reward you handsomely":

Watch" spinning Wheel"
" Skillful hands do not know of boredom":

Watch" Fisherman"
" easily not pull the fish from the pond":

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