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"The question of relevance and opportunity in the Church's dialogue with contemporary art"

Posted 13-02-2019 at 12:30 by Гор Чахал

In St. Petersburg the" DK thunders" recently held a round table on the theme" the question of relevance and opportunity in the Church"s dialogue with contemporary art". Judging from the video: https://www.facebook.com/dkgromov/videos/305590776978798/
the discussion was quite constructive, if not to consider inviting the participation of Marat Gelman, whose reputation precludes any possibility and relevance of such a dialogue. Why moderators are needed, it is not entirely clear. Probably for the hype. Anyway, when I was invited to participate, his name was not mentioned. Loved the speakers from the Church. Beautiful priests.

the Text of my off-лайн performance.
To both questions posed in the topic of the round table, I would have answered in the affirmative, based on his experience in the development of the dialogue between the Church and contemporary art, which I have been doing for 10 years.
the Possibility of such a dialog confirms the successful projects implemented in Russia during this time, including numerous roundtables, exhibitions, articles in leading art and Church publications, etc. Among the brightest examples we can mention the exhibition" DONLEVIE/DIALOGUE" at the home Church of Moscow state University, project Peredvizhnik exhibitions ROSIZO" Outside of Canon", a project of the Academy of Arts" ВИЗАНТИЯ.RU" the exhibition" GIFTS" at the Museum of Architecture, which, by the way, according to employees of the Museum was the most visited exhibition of contemporary art in the history of the Museum. With regard to the relevance of such a dialogue, the tenacity with which these projects are renewed over and over again to different people, despite the absence of any-то support and often direct opposition both from the ultra conservative traditionalists and liberals Ulrich, can not say that this dialogue popular. Just now returned from the meeting," the Rod and the cross", organized in iconotheca Restoration center Grabar, the former workshop of Vera Mukhina, where the subject talked about rethinking contemporary art from the perspective of the iconographic tradition. The hall was полон.

Каких-то significant problems in the development of dialogue with the Church, I honestly don"t see it. Not a supporter of modernization, the traditional liturgical language of art that evolves on their own, essentially distinct from secular art, the law, their curatorial and artistic projects, I think, quite clearly demonstrated that traditional and modern hudojestvennye languages are not required to enter into a confrontation. On the contrary, they can significantly complement and vzaimoraschety friend each other, creating in the artistic space of complex polyphonic utterances involving the present, and linking it with historical and religious background, rich experience of the Church tradition.

finally, one practical advice. Write the annotation to the work, especially the unusual perception of the audience. This, according to experience, the procedure reduces the level of aggression even among the committed laymen.
Gor Chahal.

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