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Meeting with Gore Chalom. "The scepter and the Cross. The dialogue about the sacred"

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January 23, 2019 in iconotheca A. N. Ovchinnikov Restoration Center Grabar held a meeting with Moscow artist Gor Chalom.

Gor Chahal (Gor Hovhannisyan) @- one of the most interesting contemporary artists. His themes were the issues of faith with the awareness that true art is impossible without contact with the sacred tradition.
"I am convinced that to overcome the systemic crisis of the postmodern can only be a religious attitude to art. In fact, it is not enough that art arose from religion, it is religious in nature. If a deeper insight into art, you may notice that the effect of the artistic method is always in the act of identification".
Meeting in the space of Iconotec — the opportunity to see the format of one-day dynamic exhibition installation of" Saint George amazes CY Twombly", presented for the first time in 2017 in the Cathedral Museum of Mdina (Malta) and the medial action" Enlightenment denigration", DVD, (2013-2014).
during the meeting, the dialogue will be the Chahal and researcher, restorer of ancient art by Alexander Gormatyuk about the traditions and interpretations of the iconography of the Rod and of the cross. The talk will be illustrated next based on the collection of" Iconotheca A. N. Ovchinnikova".

photo report on the meeting: https://photos.app.goo.gl/bUPNQpYnTz8GTQrU8

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