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Одуванчики. Автор: Gyula Siska.

Dandelions. Author: Gyula Siska.

Flowers are a favorite subject of many artists who gave their preference of floral still life or landscapes with fields that shimmer with colors in the hot sun. And, it would seem that to come up with something new and interesting is impossible, but the work of the Hungarian artist Gyula Siska (Gyula Siska) instantly attract the attention of the casual viewer, which subsequently can not stop from watching fragrant and aromatic of paintings that speak of summer and what-то gentle warmth.

Considering the work of the author, it seems that subtle floral scent crept into every corner of the room, filling all the space yourself. And you begin to involuntarily pull the air through the nose, trying to breathe deeply to fully enjoy them. And then, one sense is replaced by another, and the room turns into a vast field with bright yellow dandelions from a distance resembles little chickens, which madly want to touch it, just like in my childhood. At such moments, the sadness replaced by a smile, and in a bad mood and completely disappears, not leaving a trace.

Осеннее настроение. Автор: Gyula Siska.

Autumn mood. Author: Gyula Siska.

Хорошее настроение. Автор: Gyula Siska.

in a Good mood. Author: Gyula Siska.

Бабочка. Автор: Gyula Siska.

Butterfly. Author: Gyula Siska.

Аромат цветов. Автор: Gyula Siska.

the Scent of flowers. Author: Gyula Siska.

Букет. Автор: Gyula Siska.

Bouquet. Author: Gyula Siska.

Мелочи жизни. Автор: Gyula Siska.

the little things of life. Author: Gyula Siska.

turning his head from side to side, meeting eyes with tulips, daisies, roses and lush peonies, whose enormous buds lean towards the table, swaying from the weight and blow in the breeze. Run on assembling another bouquet that smells of herbs in the fall and drop of the summer. Brought it home, filling a vase and admire them a few days, feeling a happy man, who did not have any problems. Just imagine how lifelike and amazingly beautiful, it"s his paintings that met with them once, under any circumstances, do not want to part and let them go...

Романтика с ароматом сочной дыни. Автор: Gyula Siska.

Romance with the scent of juicy melon. Author: Gyula Siska.

Искренние намерения. Автор: Gyula Siska.

Sincere intentions. Author: Gyula Siska.

Бесценные моменты. Автор: Gyula Siska.

Priceless moments. Author: Gyula Siska.

С любовью. Автор: Gyula Siska.

With love. Author: Gyula Siska.

Первый день жаркого лета. Автор: Gyula Siska.

the First hot summer"s day. Author: Gyula Siska.

От чистого сердца. Автор: Gyula Siska.

From a pure heart. Author: Gyula Siska.

Стебли. Автор: Gyula Siska.

Stems. Author: Gyula Siska.

Source: https://kulturologia.EN/blogs/201118/41312/

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