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Потрясающе реалистичные пейзажи художника ХIХ века Ивана Вельца.

Stunningly realistic landscape artist of the NINETEENTH century, Ivan Welz.

NINETEENTH century nurtured and gave the world a galaxy of talented and famous artists of Russian painting. Savrasov, Shishkin, Levitan, Aivazovsky in the genre of landscape was a consummate genius painters to whom to reach out was almost impossible. And in that era it was not easy against this background, to prove himself a talented and original artist. However, the landscape painter Ivan Avgustovich Welco, left a very bright trace in Russian art, it succeeded with a vengeance.

«Вид Ялты». Автор: Иван Вельц.

" Вид Yalta". Author: Ivan Welz.

However, skillfully executed work is not as widely publicized as the works of other classics of Russian painting, but they are still well known to many art lovers. The paintings of Ivan Welz are the heritage of many famous national museums and the decoration of private collections.

«Весна в окрестностях Петербурга». (1896 год). Автор: Иван Вельц.

" Весна in the vicinity of St. Petersburg". (1896). Author: Ivan Welz.

However, the author is well known not much. In-первых, after the artist"s death was not kept a single of his portrait, nor a photo. In-вторых, art historians still can"t determine exactly where the artist was born whether in Saratov, in Samara province. It is known only that Ivan Avgustovich, born in the summer of 1866 in the family of an Austrian merchant, citizen of Austria.

«Сосновый лес». Автор: Иван Вельц.

" Сосновый forest". Author: Ivan Welz.

From a young age Ivan Weltz was fond of drawing and by none other than the painter himself did not think. Therefore, in 1885 and became a student of the Imperial Academy of arts St.-Петербурга. During the study the competition for work was repeatedly awarded with silver medals. And by the end of training were added, and gold awards.
Especially to the young artist had managed landscape painting. He is ably suited to the solution of complex compositions, masterfully used, not too rich Russian landscapes, colors, and meticulously treated detailing.

«Золотая осень» Автор: Иван Вельц.

" Золотая autumn" Author: Ivan Welz.

historically, the development of Ivan Welz as the master coincided with the time in which they lived and worked have held eminent painters. And to find their place in their series, the artist required a remarkable effort, excellent talent and indomitable dedication. And these qualities Ivan Avgustovich welz was more than.

«Березы на берегу реки». (1897год). Автор: Иван Вельц.

" Березы river". (1897год). Author: Ivan Welz.

In 1889, Ivan Avgustovich adopted Russian citizenship. A couple of years, getting to the finals at the Academy a gold medal, in the rank of first-class artists were sent abroad to study the history and masterpieces of world art.

«В горах Крыма». (1902г). Автор: Иван Вельц.

" В the mountains of Crimea". (1902). Author: Ivan Welz.

And came back, travelled a lot around the area of Saint-Петербурга, regions of Central Russia, Ukraine, Crimea. Each trip brought its unusually realistic landscapes, sketches, sketches sketches, reflecting the amazingly beautiful places of nature.

until his death Welz continued to work creatively and have left a legacy to future generations their creations soaked picturesque lyrics and a touching admiration of his native land. In 1926 the artist did not. The grave artist is Санкт-Петербурге.

«Начало зимы».(1904 год). Автор: Иван Вельц.

" Начало winter".(1904). Author: Ivan Welz.

«Иней». (1906год). Автор: Иван Вельц.

" Иней". (1906год). Author: Ivan Welz.

«Первый снег». Автор: Иван Вельц.

" Первый snow". Author: Ivan Welz.

«Летний пейзаж с хатами». Автор: Иван Вельц.

" Летний landscape with huts". Author: Ivan Welz.

«Мыс Аю-Даг». (1904год). Автор: Иван Вельц.

" Мыс Ayu-Даг". (1904год). Author: Ivan Welz.

«Речной пейзаж». Автор: Иван Вельц.

" Речной landscape". Author: Ivan Welz.

«Рыбацкие лодки». Автор: Иван Вельц.

" Рыбацкие boats". Author: Ivan Welz.

«Украинский пейзаж». Автор: Иван Вельц.

" Украинский landscape". Author: Ivan Welz.

«Летний пейзаж с прибрежными скалами».(1912год). Автор: Иван Вельц.

" Летний landscape with coastal cliffs".(1912год). Author: Ivan Welz.

«Зимнее солнце». (1919 год). Автор: Иван Вельц.

" Зимнее sun". (1919). Author: Ivan Welz.

«Деревня». Автор: Иван Вельц.

" Деревня". Author: Ivan Welz.

«Украинская ночь. Зима». (1898 год). Автор: Иван Вельц.

" Украинская night. Winter". (1898). Author: Ivan Welz.

«Крымский пейзаж». Автор: Иван Вельц.

" Крымский landscape". Author: Ivan Welz.

«Зимний пейзаж». Автор: Иван Вельц.

" Зимний landscape". Author: Ivan Welz.

«Лесная речка». (1904год). Автор: Иван Вельц.

" Лесная river". (1904год). Author: Ivan Welz.

Source: https://kulturologia.EN/blogs/291018/41079/

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