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back in December 2018 was launched an open source project" Сфоткай type Rembrandt", interested in a huge number of people. The project participants had to reproduce in my photographs of the famous works of classical art. And I must say that many managed to reproduce the atmosphere of the masterpieces to the smallest detail. The survey collected the brightest and most interesting works of participants of this unusual project.

Фрагмент картины русского художника Ореста Кипренского «Бедная Лиза», 1827 год.

fragment of a picture of Russian artist Orest Kiprensky" Бедная Lisa", 1827.

In 1792 was published the sentimental novel N. Karamzin" Бедная Lisa", and after 35 years artist Orest Kiprensky wrote the title picture the plot of this work. It was based on the tragic story of a young peasant girl seduced by a nobleman and abandoned them, with the result that she killed herself

Картина с женской фигурой французского художника Габриэля Ферье под названием «Вечер», 1911 год.

Painting with female figure, French artist Gabriel Ferrier called" Вечер", 1911.

Gabriel Ferrier was born in nice in 1847, Studied painting in the Paris school of fine arts, his teachers were Pills, Lecoq de Boisbaudran and Hebert. He copied paintings of famous artists, and one of the most famous copies of it @-" Мона Lisa" Leonardo da Vinci.

Фрагмент урбинского диптиха итальянского художника Пьеро делла Франчески «Портрет Федериго да Монтефельтро и Баттисты Сфорца», 1465 г. - 1472 г.

a Fragment of Urbino diptych by Italian painter Piero della Francesca" Портрет Federico da Montefeltro and Battista Sforza", 1465 @- 1472

Фрагмент картины итальянского художника-леонардеска Бернардино Луини «Саломея с головой Иоанна Крестителя», 1525 г. - 1530 г.

fragment of a painting by the Italian artist-леонардеска Bernardino Luini" Саломея with the head of John the Baptist", 1525 @- 1530

When it started to work this artist does not know today, no one. But his early paintings executed in the late Gothic style. Critics believe that his style of painting has changed under the influence of Leonardo, who was his teacher. It is believed that he created a huge amount of work, and since he has written a lot of paintings and murals, if of the opinion that he was the owner of a thriving art workshop. After his death his work was continued by his disciples.

Женский портрет на иллюстрации польско-американского художника Владислава Теодора Бенды.

Female portrait illustrations by Polish-американского artist Wladyslaw Theodor Benda.

Картина «Белый кот», выполненная в жанре анималистики французским живописцем и графиком Пьером Боннаром, 1894 год.

Picture" Белый cat", made in the genre of animal painting by the French painter and graphic artist Pierre Bonnard, 1894.

Pierre Bonnard – French painter, whose work is closely connected with the group" Наби". This trend has had a major influence on European painting. Navidi expressed your inner peace through the planar decorative image. Banner called Japanese and" самим Japanese Navicom", because his main passion was Oriental ornaments and Japanese prints.

Чувственная картина с рыжеволосой Евой австрийского художника Густава Климта «Змей-искуситель».

a Sensual painting with the red-haired eve of the Austrian artist Gustav Klimt" Змей-искуситель".

Знаменитое полотно австрийского художника Густава Климта «Поцелуй», написанное с использованием сусального золота, 1907 г. - 1908 г.

The famous painting by Austrian artist Gustav Klimt" Поцелуй" written using gold foil, 1907 @- 1908

Портрет рыжеволосой женщины, выполненный австрийским живописцем и графиком Эгоном Шиле, под названием «Сидящая женщина с согнутым коленом», 1917 год.

Portrait of red-haired women, executed Austrian painter and graphic artist Egon Schiele, called" Сидящая woman with bent knee", 1917.

childhood Egon Schiele a lot of drawing: semaphores, rails and trains. Other attractions in the city of Tulln-ан-дер-Донау, where he was born and grew up, just wasn"t there. Later, these children"s drawings turned into paintings. Died Schiele at the age of 28, but this had become the main representative of Austrian painting.

Женский портрет, написанный нидерландским художником Яном Вермеером, под названием «Девушка с жемчужной сережкой», 1665 год.

Women"s portrait, painted by the Dutch artist Jan Vermeer, called" Девушка with a pearl earring", 1665.

Стилизованный портрет «Женщина в черной шляпе», выполненный нидерландским художником Кесом Ван Донгеном, 1908 год.

Stylized portrait" Женщина the black hat", made by Dutch artist Kees van Dongen, 1908.

Известная картина «Дама с горностаем», на которой, предположительно, Леонардо да Винчи изобразил любовницу Людовико Сфорца, 1489 г. - 1490 г.

Known picture" Дама with an ermine", where, presumably, Leonardo da Vinci portrayed the mistress of Ludovico Sforza, in 1489 @- 1490

Фрагмент скульптуры итальянского мастера Бенвенуто Челлини «Персей с головой Медузы», расположенной на площади Синьории во Флоренции, 1545 г.- 1554 г.

Fragment of sculpture of the Italian master Benvenuto Cellini" Персей Medusa", located on the Piazza della Signoria in Florence, 1545 г.- 1554

Картина итальянского художника Караваджо под названием «Неверие апостола Фомы», 1601 г. – 1602 г.

a painting by the Italian artist Caravaggio called" Неверие of the Apostle Thomas", 1601 – 1602

Романтическая и нежная женщина на картине китайского художника-реалиста Ан Хи.

Romantic and gentle woman in the painting by the Chinese artist-реалиста Ahn Hee.

Драматическая картина испанско-французского художника Пабло Пикассо «Любительница абсента», 1901 год.

a Dramatic painting by the Spanish-французского artist Pablo Picasso" Любительница absinthe", 1901.

Картина «Астроном» нидерландского художника Яна Вермеера, моделью для которой стал разработчик микроскопа Антоний Ван Левенгук, 1668 г. – 1669 г.

Picture" Астроном" Dutch artist Johannes Vermeer, the model for which was the microscope developed by Antony van Leeuwenhoek, 1668 – 1669

Картина «Портрет инфанты Маргариты» испанца Диего Веласкеса - придворного художника короля Филиппа IV, 1656 год.

Picture" Портрет Infanta Margarita" Spaniard Diego Velazquez @- the court artist of king Philip IV, 1656 year.

Картина «Крестьянская девушка» российского художника-живописца Федота Сычкова 1900 г. – 1917 г.

Picture" Крестьянская girl" Russian artist-живописца Fedot Sychkov 1900 – 1917

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