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Larisa, Morey was born and raised in Moscow, and his inspiration the artist draws from the surrounding world: from the banal things to the most significant events in your own life, reflected in colourful paintings. Her paintings cannot compare with what-то certain style or genre, highlighting among them one-единственное direction. They are full of life and chaos, and the past intertwines with the present, hints of colorful kimonos and swords that shrink on first glance, the fragile female hands...

Журавли. Автор: Лариса Морейс.

Cranes. Author: Larisa, Morais.

Уроки макияжа. Автор: Лариса Морейс.

make-up Lessons. Author: Larisa, Morais.

Повелительница бабочек. Автор: Лариса Морейс.

Lady of the butterflies. Author: Larisa, Morais.

В окружении рыб. Автор: Лариса Морейс.

surrounded by fish. Author: Larisa, Morais.

Просветление. Автор: Лариса Морейс.

Enlightenment. Author: Larisa, Morais.

Тайны и секреты. Автор: Лариса Морейс.

the Mysteries and secrets. Author: Larisa, Morais.

Повелительница морей. Автор: Лариса Морейс.

mistress of the seas. Author: Larisa, Morais.

Уроки балета. Автор: Лариса Морейс.

ballet Lessons. Author: Larisa, Morais.

Тореадор. Автор: Лариса Морейс.

Toreador. Author: Larisa, Morais.

the Work of Larissa serve as a guide in the amazing world of creativity, where each storyline gives way to another, brighter and more interesting: surreal colors, eagerly opening bright" рты" to girls in masks, which themselves can fill in the invisible hand with an armful of brushes, smeared with paint. But this is not what catches the eye and grabs the soul, and how most likely written all of them. And it seems like before my eyes not a picture, but qualitatively made photo-художественный the picture to memory which would like each of us. Here you can meet a girl in a scarlet dress that spreads like flames or petals of flowers in the wind, and the lady butterfly dressed up in weird costume, and a lady in a tiny mask that gives the face not so much mystery, and what-то insolence and intrigue. And yet the viewer can easily face head-on with the mistress of the sea surrounded by jellyfish and the girl, questioningly looks at the Heron Pointe, and even a bullfighter, who is the head of a bull.

Зловещие цветы. Автор: Лариса Морейс.

Sinister flowers. Author: Larisa, Morais.

Маскировка. Автор: Лариса Морейс.

Disguise. Author: Larisa, Morais.

Птица. Автор: Лариса Морейс.

Bird. Author: Larisa, Morais.

Девушка в алом платье. Автор: Лариса Морейс.

Girl in a scarlet dress. Author: Larisa, Morais.

Примерка. Автор: Лариса Морейс.

Fitting. Author: Larisa, Morais.

В ритме танца. Автор: Лариса Морейс.

the rhythm of the dance. Author: Larisa, Morais.

Девушка с мечом. Автор: Лариса Морейс.

the girl with the sword. Author: Larisa, Morais.

Дух Азии. Автор: Лариса Морейс.

The Spirit Of Asia. Author: Larisa, Morais.

Лебедь. Автор: Лариса Морейс.

Swan. Author: Larisa, Morais.

Хищные орхидеи. Автор: Лариса Морейс.

Carnivorous orchids. Author: Larisa, Morais.

Девушка с маковым цветком. Автор: Лариса Морейс.

Girl with poppy flower. Author: Larisa, Morais.

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