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За столиком в уютном кафе. Автор: Кира Панина.

at a table in a cozy cafe. Author: Kira Panina.

In the works of Russian artist Kira Panina no false smiles, affected beauty, dull emptiness and soulless eyes. Her paintings are woven from a variety of episodes and moments, adorable babies, fluffy cats, elegant ladies and other pleasant things, of which, indeed, is human life, if we ignore all the problems and hardships.

Creativity Kira is interesting and varied. On the one hand, her works come alive. Pensive, relaxed, cute, ironic – they are all so different and beautiful. Look at them and smile, and they are at this time enjoying a Cup of coffee, completely immersed in their own world and thoughts. But on the other hand, the author pays much attention pretty the kids and animals that, rejoicing in the first snow and what is happening around.

Снег. Автор: Кира Панина.

Snow. Author: Kira Panina.

Голуби. Автор: Кира Панина.

Pigeons. Author: Kira Panina.

Волшебных снов. Автор: Кира Панина.

the Magic of dreams. Author: Kira Panina.

Хорошо лежать в снегу. Автор: Кира Панина.

a Good lie in the snow. Author: Kira Panina.

Кот и синицы. Автор: Кира Панина.

cat and Tits. Author: Kira Panina.

Одуванчики. Автор: Кира Панина.

Dandelions. Author: Kira Panina.

Кошатница. Автор: Кира Панина.

cat Lady. Author: Kira Panina.

Март. Автор: Кира Панина.

March. Author: Kira Panina.

Представление. Автор: Кира Панина.

Performance. Author: Kira Panina.

Детство. Автор: Кира Панина.

Childhood. Author: Kira Panina.

Маленькая радость. Автор: Кира Панина.

Little joy. Author: Kira Panina.

Снежинки. Автор: Кира Панина.

Snowflakes. Author: Kira Panina.

Скорее! Пора ловить снежинки ртом! Автор: Кира Панина.

Hurry! Time to catch snowflakes with my mouth! Author: Kira Panina.

Один на двоих зонт. Автор: Кира Панина.

One for two umbrella. Author: Kira Panina.

Чашечка ароматного кофе. Автор: Кира Панина.

a Cup of coffee. Author: Kira Panina.

Кофейный аромат. Автор: Кира Панина.

the Coffee flavor. Author: Kira Panina.

Бабушка и дедушка. Автор: Кира Панина.

Grandma and grandpa. Author: Kira Panina.

Моя опора. Автор: Кира Панина.

My rock. Author: Kira Panina.

Очень скучаю по тебе. Автор: Кира Панина.

miss you Very much. Author: Kira Panina.

Ангел. Автор: Кира Панина.

angel. Author: Kira Panina.

Source: https://kulturologia.EN/blogs/251217/37135/

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