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The exhibition Tintoretto in Venice: 500-летию artist

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The Palace of the Doges in Venice, the homeland of the great painter, with 07.09.2018 07.01.2019 takes place at the Grand exhibition" Tintoretto. 1519-1594", dedicated to the 500-летию since the birth of one of the titans of the Renaissance. Pictures for the exhibition were brought from the best museums in the world — of the Victoria and albert Museum, the Courtauld Gallery, the Louvre, the Prado and the museums of Berlin, Ghent, Dresden, Prague and Rotterdam." The origin of the milky Way" brought from the National portrait gallery in London. The Prado Museum has loaned to the exhibit five paintings, including" Judith and Holofernes"," Joseph and Potiphar"s wife"," Abduction of Helen" (3 m length), written for the court of the Gonzaga. The painting" Susanna and the elders" brought out the Art Museum of Vienna" Portrait of Giovanni Mocenigo" — of the State museums of Berlin. Two self-portraits — early and late — from the Philadelphia Museum and the Louvre. And we can assume that this exhibition and the anniversary happens only once in 500 years.

Visiting Venice it is impossible not to catch his work. Everywhere in the air and hovering is fun: TIN-ТО-РЕТ-ТО. It seems that every street, every house, every temple is permeated with his name. The artist was very fond of Venice, right and left-то her in my life a couple of times. And this love he gives each, who, if even by chance, wander into what@- a Church and stand near his magical paintings...

Greco — painter of the late Renaissance. When he studied painting in Venice was not equal Tiziano which went to understand this art Little Dyer, as he was called Jacopo Robusta. However, Titian is not too much time spent on training Tintoretto. According to legend, the old master quickly saw the scale of the talent of the student and within a week drove it from the workshop, fearing to raise a competitor. Tintoretto did not lose heart and opened his own workshop, where the advertising presumptuous wrote on the door:" drawing — as Michelangelo, the coloring of — as by Titian." But even after collecting the best of Italian painting, could become only a talented performer.
Tintoretto found something that delighted his contemporaries no less than of the colouring of Titian or Michelangelo figure. He became a master of striking effects. Space in his paintings looks so deep that it seems they can get in. And the characters are snatched from the darkness by flashes of light, as if the paintings are illuminated from the inside. In addition, Tintoretto were the better team scale: the biggest painting in the world" Paradise" size 7 by 22 feet was written to the Doge"s Palace. Finally, the performance of Tintoretto was also outstanding. His grandiose pictorial cycle is decorated with two beautiful buildings in Venice — Palazzo Ducale and Scuola-ди-Сан-Рокко. In addition, his paintings are stored in many Venetian churches, including Santa-Мария-Дель-Орто and Санта-Мария-делла-Салюте.

" mercury and the three graces" 1577-1578. The Doge"s Palace, Venice.

" the Forge of Vulcan" 1576 @- 1577. The Doge"s Palace, Venice.

" the descent from the cross" (1562). The Accademia Gallery, Venice.

" Susanna and the elders" 1550. Art Museum, Vienna.

" Minerva protecting Peace and Abundance from Mars" 1578. The Doge"s Palace, Venice.

" the Wedding of Bacchus and Ariadne in the presence of Venus" 1578. The Doge"s Palace, Venice.

" the Abduction of Helen" 1576-1577. Prado Museum, Madrid.

" Flagellation Of Christ" 1570. Gallery Of Prague, Czech Republic.

" Saint Jerome and Saint Andrew" 1552. The Accademia gallery, Venice.

" The Baptism Of Christ" 1580. The Church Of San Silvestro, Venice.

" the Origin of the milky way" 1576-1578. National gallery, London.

" Judith and Holofernes" 1555. Prado Museum, Madrid.

" Joseph and Potiphar"s wife" 1555. Prado Museum, Madrid.

" Tarquinius and Lucretia" 1578-1580. The Chicago art Institute, Chicago.

" Venus, Vulcan and Cupid" 1551. Uffizi Gallery, Florence.

" Elvis, Doge Mocenigo and family before the Madonna and child" 1575. National gallery of art, Washington.

" Christmas" 1550. Museum of fine arts, Boston, USA.

" The Miracle Of St. Augustine" 1549. Museum Of Vicenza, Italy.

" Giovanni Mocenigo" 1570. State Museum, Berlin.

" a Man with a gold chain" 1560. Prado Museum, Madrid.

" Saint Justina with the three treasurers and secretaries" 1580. The Museum Of The Academy, Venice.

" Self" 1546-1548. The Philadelphia Museum of art, Philadelphia.

" Self" 1588. The Louvre, Paris.

In the interior of the exhibition.

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