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Substitution of concepts in Darwin's theory.

Запись от Гор Чахал размещена 05.12.2018 в 14:42

Darwin" discovered" the theory of biological evolution, extending the postulates of the theory of cultural evolution, are well known to him, in the course of biological processes.

"Exerting Herculean efforts to show the effect of evolution on the example of living organisms, Darwin convinced the scientific world that was common place in the Humanities for quite some time: at least 1787, when sir William Jones discovered a striking resemblance of Latin and Greek with Sanskrit and made a conclusion about the origin of all" индо-германских" languages from the latter. The idea of biological evolution has arisen as a result of studying processes of cultural development, lucid earlier @[email protected] of the processes leading to the creation of institutions such as language (the works of Jones), law, morality, market and money. It"s not just that the Humanities and the social Sciences the idea of evolution occurred earlier than in the natural Sciences. I am ready to prove that Darwin borrowed the main ideas about the evolution of economic theory. Even words like" генетический" and" генетика", which is now a special biological terms, was not invented by biologists. As far as I know, the first who spoke about the genetic development was the German philosopher and cultural historian herder. Again we meet with this idea in Wieland, and then at Humboldt. Thus modern biology has borrowed the concept of evolution from studies of culture, which has a more ancient pedigree. And although these facts are well known, they are nevertheless almost always forget." (F. A. Hayek," fatal conceit").

However, could it be legitimate the analogy is, after all, the cultural evolution of humanity is the result of his intelligent activities. Without a good understanding of cultural evolution is impossible in principle. That is, in developing his theory, Darwin and his followers were obliged to assume that the Nature of supermind, if capable of evolution. In other words, they were obliged to admit the existence of super-Manager of biological evolution, i.e., God.
Explanation of evolution of nature by the atheist influence on biological organisms of any-то random mutations, which improve their nature, inevitably leads to absurd consequences, like, randomly scattered alphabet falls on the paper text of" Crime and punishment" Dostoevsky.

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