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Shedevralnye action

Запись от Гор Чахал размещена 08.10.2018 в 10:52

About Banksy I heard where-то in the middle of zero, when he was already quite famous street artist. Graffiti art then was very" relevant." We have active promotion and exhibition of practiced Andrei Erofeev. The name of Englishman came up in discussions surrounding the scandal connected with the prohibition to put the provocative work of the group" Blue noses" at the Paris exhibition center of contemporary art, La Maison Rouge, entitled" Kissing policemen", who were Omasum one of the works of Banksy. I belonged to him from the very beginning is pretty cool. The political activism I"m not fond of, and social-ироничная the style of his graffiti after decades, indeed, tired of Sots art, was deeply secondary. Although, of course, pseudorotations protest pathos combined with well-thought-out technical execution time, and the risk of being caught at work the author could attract the youth audience. It became interesting when despite his exemplary" plevinsky" anonymity and non-public, (still no one knows who is hiding under the name or logo of a" Banksy"), his graffiti began successfully sold on the market. The situation, which was the mainstream of the twentieth century, when the figure of the author, his name replaces, in fact, the work of the artist and becomes a recognizable brand that goes to market, there seemed to be overturned. Important steel works are literally unknown artist. Moreover, a significant literally. A personal record of artist – $1.9 million for" the Fight pest" raised at auction in new-Йорке 2008. It seemed like what-то new and attractive. However, the novelty turned out to be illusory. Brand" Banksy" quickly became recognizable in the media, and, in fact, it doesn"t even matter, hiding there under this name by one person or a multinational Corporation selling" author" duplicates famous Banksy graffiti, done in a very traditional trade materials, pop-звездам, shooting films, organizing large-scale exhibitions, festivals, charity events and the like, not forgetting to control the appearance of fakes" copyright" works." Non-commercial art", as usual, sold particularly well. The second time Banksy was interested, when at the peak of popularity suddenly went to Palestine and was there engaged in anti-Israel propaganda. After which it suddenly, and in unison stopped talking in the artistic environment, the art of it immediately lost its relevance and career by that time already world-famous artist quickly went into decline. Even went to say, and literally rolled head over heels. A year on, it" forgot" almost everything. This dramatic gesture of the graffiti artist was quite unexpected. Unlikely Banksy didn"t understand the consequences of their actions. Surely, I thought, to him to such an extent care about the fate of Syrian and Palestinian children? After that, until recently, about the artist could be heard. It seemed that his star waned. So the other day he again loudly reminded of itself. And, quite nicely. Exhibited on the auctions of auction Sotheby"s repeat the author"s famous graffiti" Girl with ball" along with a hammer, has announced its sale for a million pounds, self-destructed after going through the built-in artist in a massive picture frame shredder. This happened for the first time in the history of the auction, said it is discouraged by the organizers. Of course, the practice of vandalism as art is not new. Suffice it to mention Hrestomatiya example of Robert Rauschenberg, erased by the eraser they bought a drawing by William de Kooning in 1953. Self-destructing works in the history of modern art too much. And, frankly, as I understand it, the picture is Banksy not consumed. Just moved into a new form. The glue is optional because shredder paper was only half full. However, the effect of surprise, and the final dramatic action accompanying the auction, of course, stunning. Great performance. It"s funny that the meaning of the work, in essence, has not changed. From the beginning the need for a disproportionately massive frame for a graphic art explained a mockery of the author on the tone of the contemporary world of art. The action only emphasized this sense of the artist"s works. And well, I thought that having lived what-то time in Palestine, Banksy was not martyred. And, because it could happen, as I described in the poem" Berlin autumn" 1995

At the opening of ifa-галерее
crowd slightly taken aback people.
And next waves peacefully roll Spree,
buzzing floating past the ship.

Bulky design of steel
kind of pointless filled the room.
And even boredom all already yawned,
elite is not dispersed, all-то waited.

And around all the tubes snaked,
gears spinning harmoniously,
pistons pshikat there-сюда,
smoky flasks of boiling water,
, popping, sparking wires.
And on top of all this rascruci
ticking of a huge clock.

Critics skeptical smile,
@- know reflection to Tinguely,
, quickly and habitually drunk,
minutes, walked, and walked, and walked...

Here arrow" зеро" when he returned,
finished their turn...
who-то suddenly screamed, crouching,
@- I know, she"ll blow!

in the Windows bubbles arched glass,
and the world was shrouded in a fire.

Ah, Museumsinsel, Museumsinsel...

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