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7 проникновенных полотен Исаака Левитана

Russian landscape painter Isaac Levitan did not chase bold types and bright colors, he saw a revelation in simple, clear. Levitan landscape @- this is a special attitude, clean and penetrating.

silent abode (1890)
7 проникновенных полотен Исаака Левитана

One of the most famous masterpiece of Levitan. It was written soon after his return from-за border. After the appearance of the paintings in the traveling exhibition name Levitan was" на mouth all intelligent Moscow". Quiet serenity that exudes a picture to make people to come again and again to the exhibition." Тихая abode" says what-то intimate and close as-то native, but at the same time incomprehensible, недостижимо-далеком.

the Evening. Golden Plyos (1889)

7 проникновенных полотен Исаака Левитана

part of the house with a red roof, which is depicted in the painting, Levitan one time shot. In Plyos, a small town on the Volga river, the artist worked for three years. The picture transmits the feeling of the sunset, the haze of mist over the river gradually spreads, there is a calm, pastel sky preparing to take the bright colors of the setting sun. Peace and harmony, peace and integrity.

Fall. Fog (1896)

7 проникновенных полотен Исаака Левитана

what reached Levitan in his autumn landscapes @- strikes, but the enthusiasm immediately gives way to silence. The mood of this masterpiece is so elusive and vague that I want to hold your breath and to leave entirely in contemplation. It would seem @all - just take dye, simple watercolor, and draw as well... but no, in the paintings of Levitan @- heart and pain, wisdom and silence, a sensitive perception of beauty, tranquility and God.

eternal rest (1894)

7 проникновенных полотен Исаака Левитана

About this picture itself Levitan wrote to Pavel Tretyakov:" В it @- the rest of me. With all his psyche, with all its содержанием..." This picture Levitan wrote to the sounds of the Funeral March from" Героической Symphony" Beethoven. This is one of the most monumental, tragic, yet bright paintings. Almost complete symmetry of heaven and earth, the Church between them, a picture full of meanings and depth.

Fall (1897)

7 проникновенных полотен Исаака Левитана

I Want to smell coat, to raise the collar and look great in the autumn way to sort out the leaves under your feet, breathe in the fresh autumn air, a little rotten from the withered foliage, but crystal clear. Autumn tautology is not random. In this painting, Levitan, all impregnated with the sense of autumn, the autumn, about which wrote Pushkin, in the fall, when every human wakes up the artist and the thinker.

Twilight. The moon (1899)

7 проникновенных полотен Исаака Левитана

In the later paintings of Levitan increasingly drawn to the dusky night landscapes. Quiet, barely perceptible breath of the night wind are distinguishable only by the light ripples of water of unknown noises in the low coastal thickets and the moon, like a beacon, like a link between worlds, reflected in the water and illuminating the landscape.

Twilight (1899)

7 проникновенных полотен Исаака Левитана

Another twilight picture of Levitan. The world in anticipation of a night"s rest, the outlines blurred, the objects fell into the advancing dusk. Thus @- unfathomable sense of peace and humility, which filled the picture, there"s not a single superfluous detail, the composition of its concise and wise eternal peace.



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