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the Artist was born in the town of Morshansk, Tambov region in 1955. Graduated from the Penza art College. In his work he maintains the tradition of great artists Shishkin, Korovin, Surikov, and others. Dmitry Levin is considered one of the best followers of the Russian school of landscape painting.

largely on the creative choice of Dmitry had his father Ilya Filippovich. A native of repressed noble family, deeply intelligent man, he was quite the artist. Of course his drawings and stories about famous painters had a great influence on his son.

Paintings by Dmitry Levin unusually good, reminiscent of what-то native and not so distant. All of his paintings seem very easy, but not so deep that they can get lost and cheer from the memory of those memories, which seemed to have long ago and irretrievably forgotten. The work of Dmitry Levin will not leave indifferent those who love their homeland, not once visited the village and was happy to see the landscapes of Russian nature.

Since 1997 Dmitry Levin is a member of the Creative Union of artists of Russia. Exhibitions of the artist were held in Russia, Belgium, England, Hong Kong, Hungary, France, Germany, USA, Italy. Paintings are in private collections in many countries of the world.

Awarded medals"For contribution to the arts" "National treasure", the Golden award of the International Academy of creativity.

Included in the European catalogue of acknowledged painters, published in France. Marked by many diplomas and letters of thanks from various public organizations in Russia and abroad.


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