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Jim Daly @- artist originally from Oklahoma (USA). From childhood felt that I would be an artist. When he began to draw his inspiration was Norman Rockwell. In 1959 he retired from the army, some time dedicated to work in the defense industry. And at night painted pictures. Jim graduated from Art College in Los-Анджелесе, where he taught art, and fully immersed in the painting. Four children Jim, along with his wife sometimes act as models for paintings. Jim is also in the Scottsdale school, tried himself in the role of a school teacher. He is the author of illustrations for several books. Now the artist resides in Oregon. Using oil paints writes nostalgic pictures of childhood.

Беззаботное детство. Автор: Jim Daly.

the Carefree childhood. Author: Jim Daly.

Мальчишки. Автор: Jim Daly.

Boys. Author: Jim Daly.

Игрушки. Автор: Jim Daly.

Toys. Author: Jim Daly.

Железная дорога. Автор: Jim Daly.

Railway. Author: Jim Daly.

Ромашковое поле. Автор: Jim Daly.

Chamomile field. Author: Jim Daly.

Верный друг. Автор: Jim Daly.

Loyal friend. Author: Jim Daly.

Игры в камушки. Автор: Jim Daly.

Game stones. Author: Jim Daly.

Жёлтенький листочек. Автор: Jim Daly.

the little Yellow leaf. Author: Jim Daly.

Праздник. Автор: Jim Daly.

the Occasion. Author: Jim Daly.

Что же там? Автор: Jim Daly.

What else is there? Author: Jim Daly.

В поле. Автор: Jim Daly.

In the field. Author: Jim Daly.

Радуга. Автор: Jim Daly.

rainbow. Author: Jim Daly.

Мой верный друг. Автор: Jim Daly.

My faithful friend. Author: Jim Daly.

Купание. Автор: Jim Daly.

bathing. Author: Jim Daly.

Комиксы. Автор: Jim Daly.

Comics. Author: Jim Daly.

Сказки. Автор: Jim Daly.

Tales. Author: Jim Daly.

Возле печи. Автор: Jim Daly.

Near the furnace. Author: Jim Daly.

Котята. Автор: Jim Daly.

Kittens. Author: Jim Daly.

Даже не думай! Автор: Jim Daly.

don"t Even think! Author: Jim Daly.

Рыбаки. Автор: Jim Daly.

Fishermen. Author: Jim Daly.

Пена. Автор: Jim Daly.

Foam. Author: Jim Daly.

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