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Romantic realism

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Artist Bob peyman was born in 1963 in the family of composer and spent his childhood in Vienna. Moved to the USA in 1976, where he now resides. Bob began drawing at age 7 and by age 16 began to win awards at prestigious, including international exhibitions.

But soon Bob stops drawing and despite insistent requests of an art teacher, decides to continue her education in the field of business management.
After College, he works with leading software companies, and zaslujivaet the Vice@President - marketing of information resources in one of the international companies market research.

However, in 1988, peyman decided to return to the world of art by opening an art gallery. As a result, he decided to start drawing again.

In 1999, peyman left the corporate career and do your art on a regular basis. Your drawing style he calls romantic realism.
Works are in collections around the world.

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