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Gave the world impressionism

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the Genius of naming: As one devastating article by journalist Leroy gave the world impressionism.

Caricatures exhibition" импрессионистов", Le Charivari, 1874

Sometimes a well chosen word becomes the subject of jokes, sometimes a meme and sometimes @- gives the name to the whole direction in art. That is the concatenation of circumstances or historical regularity? Anyway, the term" импрессионизм" owes its appearance to the light of the critical article which the impressionism and ridiculed.


Starting in 1863 in Paris was conducted by so-called Salon of the rejected – the exhibition of artists, whose beautiful experiments were not supported by the Academy of fine arts and were not allowed to participate in the official Paris salon. Among" отверженных" were among other Edouard Manet, Camille Pissarro, Paul Cezanne, Alfred Sisley.

Camille Pissarro." Старая road from Annery in PONTOISE. Freeze"

Exhibition of 1874 entered the history of art as the first impressionist exhibition. However, the fact that the authors of the paintings of the Impressionists, did not know then, nor the visitors, nor even the artists themselves. The term" impressionism" did not exist until the publication of the article, the Parisian journalist Louis Leroy, entitled" Exhibition of Impressionists".


New style in painting caused a lot of critical reviews, and Leroy wrote in the journal" Le Charivari" for the exhibition paintings in an ironic, half-joking form. He allegedly attended the event with his friend Joseph Vincent, who was shocked and extremely impressed ("impression" French" impression").

Claude Monet." Впечатление. Rising sun"

in Addition, the exhibition displayed painting by Claude Monet called" Impression. Rising sun" @- and because the word" impressionism" in the dialog Le Roy and Vincent relished in every way.
" @- Impression, of course. I knew it. No wonder I"m so impressed! There could not be experience! But what freedom, what ease of billing! Wallpaper paper under the sketch, and she will look more elaborate than this painting!"

the influence of IMPRESSIONISM

a New approach to making art is sloppy, hasty – do then produced a strong impression on the background of traditional, academic art styles.
But generally speaking, that was the goal of artists to Express their feelings, impressions on the canvas, vividly and boldly, catching the moment. Therefore, with the term agreed – despite some uncertainty, it has taken root.

currently painting" Impression. Rising sun" is in the Museum" Marmottan".
Monet"s Works are of great value among collectors, in particular, the painting" Pond with water lilies" was sold at auction for more than $ 80 million.

Claude Monet." Пруд with water lilies"

paintings of Monet and other Impressionists are now occupying a place of honor among the masterpieces of world art.

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