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Women, without which there would be many masterpieces

Suzanne Valadon
Model Auguste Renoir, Puvis de Chavannes, Henri de Toulouse-Лотрека


Marie Clementine Valadon (Suzanne taken name later) — daughter of the laundress, the first woman-художник adopted in the National society of fine arts. His successful career she began in the role of the model: first, it will take Puvis de Chavan, then she began to pose for Renoir, Toulouse-Лотреку, Berthe Morisot. Unlike many famous artists of her time, she has achieved financial well-being during his lifetime. He died in 1938, surrounded by their friends from Montmartre.

Jeanne hébuterne
Lover of Amedeo Modigliani

In four years, which hébuterne and Modigliani spent together, he managed to write about 25 of portraits of the silent girl with sad eyes. She was the perfect model for the artist, who is always depicted in his paintings of brooding melancholic women. Hebuterne was Modigliani shared with him the most difficult years of poverty and disease. The day after his death Jeanne, who bore his child out of the window, unable to endure separation.

Gala Dalí (Elena Diakonova)

the Wife and model of Salvador Dali

" Елена Trojan, Saint Helena, Galatea serene" — a small part of the names that Dali gave to his sweetheart. After the first meeting, when the artist was 25 years old, they were not parted 53. All this time the Gala was the main model is Given. After the death of her first husband, poet Paul Eluard, they were married the artist. They were very different, but together they formed a perfect pair, complement each other." Утром Salvador makes mistakes, and in the second half of the day, I correct them, tearing them lightly signed contracts", — once said Gala. Her last years were marred by illness, so the day of her death she was waiting for as" самый happy in life". She died in 1982, Dali was survived by her seven years.

Lydia Delektorskaya

Assistant of Henri Matisse

" В continued for 20 years I was the light of his eyes, and he for me — the only meaning of life", — so Lydia Delektorskaya described the relationship with Matisse. When they met, she was 22 years old, and the artist turned 63. Lydia was a companion-сиделкой wife Matisse, and only a year later, the artist drew attention to her — she became his ideal model. During the life of Matisse twice a year gave her drawings, so she could secure a good future. After the artist"s death, Lydia continued to serve his memory — collected and later handed over the entire collection of Soviet museums.

Olga Khokhlova

Ballerina, wife of Pablo Picasso

the Artist met Olga when she was 26 years old —, she performed in the troupe of Sergei Diaghilev, and Picasso worked there as a decorator. Then he felt that it was the love of her life, and even married, and when drawing up the marriage contract insisted that half of his paintings now belongs to Olga. But later, when the passion has faded and there is a new beloved, the painter did not want to divorce — because then the wife would have received his work. In the happy period of his life he wrote many portraits of Olga and their son Paulo. Later, when the quiet life tired of Picasso, Olga was forced to leave it and spent the rest of my life alone. At her funeral, Picasso did not come, saying he is working on a new painting.
Camilla Dense
the First wife of Claude Monet
At the Salon of the National society of fine arts 1866 work by Monet" Камилла, or the Portrait of a lady in a green dress" was a great success. Many critics believe that portrait the artist became famous. Then Camilla Donse wasn"t even his bride — just a friend. They soon married and lived happily for 15 years. In 1875 she died of tuberculosis. Camille liked to pose for her husband, and most of the female images of Monet deducted from it. Even when she died, the artist painted a posthumous portrait of" Камилла Monet on her deathbed" which is now exhibited in the Orsay Museum.
Bella Rosenfeld
First love of Marc Chagall
" Когда I"m with Bella, I do not go, and fly", — is often said Chagall. If he depicted in his paintings of lovers, they too will certainly hovered over the earth ("День born", 1915;" Над city", 1918). The image of the dark-eyed muses is traced hundreds of works by the artist. She was his favorite model. When Bella in 1944 died, Chagall"s entire year couldn"t get back to work.
Hortense Fike
Wife of Paul Cezanne
" Моя wife likes only Switzerland and lemonade", — said Cezanne friends. Numerous portraits (and rare photos) Hydrangea Fike we see a sad, tired woman, ugly and closed. Likely to pose her husband, she was forced — because they are with the artist lived for 20 years in poverty, and the means to pay for Nudes was not. Cezanne"s father, a banker, was not given permission to marry and even deprived the son half of the content. In addition, the artist was very strict with his models, it was difficult to work with. In General, the reasons to pose with all the Hydrangeas were not. However, this year at the Metropolitan-музее with a successful exhibition" Мадам Cezanne", where are 29 portraits of Hortense — and they are an important part of the creative heritage of the artist.
Berthe Morisot
the Artist and wife of eugène Manet
Edouard Manet and Morisot had met in 1868 at the Louvre. Then artist looking for a model for a new picture, and Burt is ideally suited for this role. In the next six years, until Bertha became the wife of Edward"s younger brother, eugène, he has written many of her portraits. When Morisot was married, the artist sent her" на farewell" picture" Букет violets", and portraits were done. Berthe Morisot was not just a model of the Manet brothers, but became famous as the first женщина-импрессионист.
Jane Bearden
the Famous pre-Raphaelite model
Despite the fact that Jane Bearden did not fit into the canons of beauty of the time of the pre-Raphaelites she was the incarnation of the feminine ideal: tall, thin, with big eyes and a shock of curly black hair. She was born into a poor family, and it is not known what waited for the girl"s future, if in 1857 in theatre she did not see Dante Gabriel Rossetti and Edward Burne-Джонс. Artists convinced the beauty to pose. Thanks to the Rossetti paintings she became famous and even entered English high society. There is a perception that Jane Bearden became the prototype for Eliza Doolittle, the heroine of the play by George Bernard Shaw" Пигмалион".

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