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Jewellery talent Rene Lapik

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"Outrageous" jewels by rené Lalique – French, who ordered the decoration of the Russian Empress.

Rene Lalique @- genius jewelry, which became a glass blower.

the Summer of 1872, a quiet street in a suburb of Paris. The boy sits on the steps of the house. On his knees he"s holding an album in your hand – a pencil. The world around is full of life, and in his album – an unusually talented sketches of flowers, trees, birds... But he persistently seeks to draw some-что other, and this is something-что not out. He thinks about it day and night, but all attempts are futile. He"s twelve years old, his name is Rene Lalique, and one day he will become a great.

Jewelry Rene Lalique.

In that year he received his first award in drawing, and in the sixteen years immersed in the art world head – came an apprentice to renowned jeweler, attended the school of decorative arts, then improved skills in London and Paris. First he worked as a simple draftsman in a jewelry firms, but then his sketches have been used, initially hiding the name of the author. This situation does not suit Renee, and save up money, he opened his own business. On the threshold of the twenty-five years he took part in the exhibition in the Louvre.

Sketches Of Rene Lalique.

he waited a respectable career of a jeweler who creates jewelry for the known samples and only occasionally allows himself the liberty of man respectable and respected. But Rene was not just talented boys with a good education.
He was a genius.
Traditional jewelry – precious metals, fabulously expensive stones, geometric shapes, rené quickly got bored with his vivid imagination and restless nature. He kept saying that he intends" to try what-то new and shocking" @- and these words became the leitmotif of his work.

Rene Lalique used unusual motifs and materials.

It was in those years originated art Nouveau, which was destined to survive for long, but to turn on its head the cultural life across Europe. Rene Lalique is not simply caught the fashionable trend @- he became one of the founders of the style.

Rene Lalique @- one of the founders of the style" модерн".

the Owners of jewelry stores laughed at him:" how can the venerable mother of the family to wear a brooch in the form of what-то swallows? And these plebeian ears, what the hell are you talking about, Monsieur Lalique!". But it was Rene to put his ideas in the material, as they, being captivated, to pay him any amount and asked to repeat multiple instances of.

Decoration for the bodice.

the exhibition at the Paris salon du Shan-де-Марс Lalique revolutionized. Critics were outraged to combine precious metals with tortoise shell and ivory? And the dreadful snakes supposed to mount on the corsage? What does this upstart?! The fans – mostly women in the audience – was delighted. The young jeweler had their own groupies.

Jewelry Lalique amazed and shocked the audience.

One of them was the great actress Sarah Bernhardt. Extraordinary nature and unusual appearance of this woman fascinated Lalique. For many years she became his Muse and patron. Bernard loved Bernard imitated and demand for jewelry and Lalique only grew.

Sketches of decorations for the costumes of Sarah Bernhardt.

He was a real troublemaker. It was he who introduced the fashion jewellery with the female images at that time it was indecent.
1900-м year women"s clothing has been very conservative – closed dark dresses, stiffness and propriety. Big, bold jewelry of Rene Lalique (and in the style of Lalique, because the imitation of his works was akin to mass insanity among jewelers) demanded of the naked body. And socialite decidedly clothed in dresses with deep necklines and bare shoulders..

Jewelry Rene Lalique.

Russian Empress Alexandra Feodorovna did not remain indifferent to the excellence of the French genius – orders from the Imperial family came to him repeatedly.

Rene Lalique was created large and visible decoration.

Lalique-ювелир was phenomenally popular and successful, but one day everything changed. The endless search of new materials threw Renee many years ago, there, in a suburb of Paris, in the beginning of the 1870-х, where the little boy sobbed and tore to shreds their drawings, because they could not portray...
Now, already held fifty-year-old man, wildly famous jeweler, a happy husband and father, he found the answer. Pencil will not retain the volatile lightness of the clouds – but glass will do the job.

perfume Bottles, Rene Lalique design.

So the jeweler rené Lalique was a glass blower. Largely contributed to this and the meeting with the famous perfumer françois Coty. He, too, was a famous kicker: once, having been refused the sale of perfume, Coty broke a bottle right in the boutique. Visitors are bewitched unfamiliar and strange aroma, were vying with each other to require them to sell this perfume. The then existing design of the bottles did not like – Koti believed that the bottle must match the fragrance to reflect his spirit, his idea. One day, walking for no particular purpose through the streets of Paris, he saw the window of a jewelry shop rené Lalique and realized: here it is.

perfume Bottles, Rene Lalique design.

at First, Renee had only to draw sketches, trusting the embodiment of the glass factory of baccarat, but the result he did not like. Lalique was a Renaissance man, miraculously abandoned in the industrial XX century. If the materials and technologies do not allow to realize his ideas – well, he invented that-то new!

Rene Lalique experimented with forms and materials.

For the life of rené Lalique has received sixteen patents on the technology of glass making. Colored glass, gradient coloration, glass with patina – all is the embodiment of talent izobretatelskogo Lalique. The recipe opalescent (iridescent) glass is not disclosed by the Lalique company still.

Rene Lalique was not only a painter but also an inventor of new technologies.

He created the stunning beauty of the perfume bottles are as innovative as its products, vases for modern interiors and fixtures, as if stolen from a dream.

Glass sculpture by Rene Lalique.

Glass vase, designer @Rene - Lalique.

And in the last years of his life became interested in interior design – and, of course, succeeded.

Interior with glass Rene Lalique.

he Founded the company was inherited by the son, then granddaughter, and in 2008 became owner of Lalique Silvio Denz – a devoted admirer and collector of jewelry of Rene Lalique. Today Lalique remains produces decorative objects, jewelry and perfume, collaborating with the modern geniuses of design and remains faithful to the ideas of its founder and his relentless pursuit of the elusive beauty.

Bottles created by Rene Lalique @- collectible.

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