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Surrealism Jeffrey Batchelor

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Jeffrey G. Batchelor – known modern artist who uses many artistic techniques in his work. He deservedly enjoys the attention, skillfully creating interesting works. After many years working as a theatre artist, he has acquired a broad range of painting styles.

# His work not only captures the viewer"s attention visually, but also make us think and feel.

the Artist was born in 1960, rocky-Маунт, North Carolina. Graduated from Barton College, Wilson, North Carolina, in 1983, the Department of painting, received a bachelor"s degree. Then graduated from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro (1985-1987гг.), with a master"s degree.

Worked as a leading artist in the major theaters of America: Opera Santa-Фе, new-Мексико, Los-Анджелеса, new-Йорка. Was the winner of many prestigious international exhibitions. His works are in many museums and galleries around the world as well as in private collections.

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