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Koukei kojima (Kojima Koukei) – contemporary Japanese artist-пейзажист, writing in the style of" сансуй". Natural dyes on silk.

Term" сансуй-га" in Japanese painting means" картины mountains and waters". Mountains are the symbol of men"s solid and stable, the beginning of Yang.

Water – a symbol of feminine, flowing and changing Yin. These opposites are always together, their unity creates harmony in the world.

In accordance with the style" сансуй" Koukei kojima portrays the ideal Japan with the timeless beauty of mountainous areas. The finest landscape painting reproduced on natural silk.

the Nature of the artist"s works in majestic and calm, paint soothingly muted. The main theme is the eternal cycle of seasons and life, flowing like water in the mountain rivers. Optional, but a very small part of almost every landscape there is a man (a true hero works in the style of" сансуй" is a farmer, living a simple life in harmony with nature). No passion, only the joy of contemplation and the joy of peaceful labor.

Paintings by Japanese artist Koukei Kojima need to watch, listening to the beautiful Oriental music for meditation and relaxation. The sounds of the bamboo flute and silver bells, melodic tunes of violin in harmony with the beauty of nature, which depicts this talented painter.


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