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Elena Tenera is a Russian artist, a member of the Professional Union of artists of Russia.

Elena was Born in 1965 in Kazan.

In 1984 he graduated from the Kazan art school. N. Feshin.

the First teacher Elena Tenera her father was the artist Viktor Fedorov, whose many historical and heroic paintings.

After graduation, she worked as a decorator at the Tatar Academic theatre of Opera and ballet. Then in the Tatar theatre of drama and Comedy. K. Tinchurin, as the author of the costumes for numerous productions.

Last years is engaged in painting on silk (author"s technique). Constantly participates in exhibitions.

Working E. Tenera are in private collections of Russia, European countries, USA, Iran, Bali.

Elena Works of Tønder, sometimes reminiscent of Chinese and Japanese classical painting on silk, which also was dominated by flowers, trees, birds, and before whom bowed as before the symbols of eternal youth and beauty.

Soft sheen silk in different lighting and angle of view gives the musical pieces the muted tones, on the contrary, makes them Shine brightly.

Flowers on silk Helena Tenerife extraordinarily beautiful and realistic, they feel real. Amazing game of light and color convey all the charm and grace of each flower.


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