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Jewels of the executed Queen

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Sensation Sotheby"s: Jewelry executed Queen of France, who showed the world 200 years to be auctioned.

the Sotheby"s Auction: a Rare opportunity to admire the jewelry of Marie Antoinette.

Queen of France Maria-Антуанетта was known as a great lover of jewelry, and they were her countless. But the fate of the valuables of the executed Queen very little is known. And finally, here"s a rare opportunity to look at some of them. On the auctions of auction Sotheby"s exhibited jewelry Mary-Антуанетты, more than 200 years have never been exhibited before. Will auction this autumn in Switzerland.

Wardrobe with jewelry Mary-Антуанетты in her boudoir, dated 1787.

"the Thing about the necklace" and the revolution.

In the XVIII century in France was one of the biggest frauds related to the theft of a diamond necklace. What-то extent she even gave additional impetus to what happened in the country of the revolution. With a stolen necklace now firmly associated with the name of Mary-Антуанетты, although that necklace never belonged to it. But, nevertheless, it"s tragic impact on her fate.
it all Started with the fact that the king of France, Louis XV ordered the court jewelers a very expensive necklace, which was going to give his mistress Madame du Barry. Jewelers worked on it for about two years, and the king, without waiting for his order, and died suddenly, not having paid by jewelers. Jewellers for a long time unsuccessfully sought buyers, but they were not – it is very expensive out necklace. The king of France was Louis XVI, the husband of Mary-Антуанетты. And even this Royal couple found it too expensive and refused to buy. Then it took the well-known adventuress, the Countess Jeanne de La Motte. She convinced jewelers, though secretly acts on behalf of the Queen, and took from them a necklace.

Illustration By Igor Kuprin.

But soon the deception is discovered, the necklace was returned to the jewelers, the fraud was punished.
However, as a result of rumors and speculation stained was the name of Mary-Антуанетты. The Queen was accused of extravagance, that she buys their jewelry for a fabulous sum, and in the country many not have enough money for food. Discontent among the people grew ripe for a revolution... And when she was done, the king and the Queen were waiting for payback in 1793 executed,.

Necklace, a copy of.

After the French revolution and the execution of Mary-Антуанетты the fate of the collection of her jewelry remains largely unknown. Some of them ended up in private collections, others have been dismantled, only a very small number of them were in museums.

Piece of jewelry executed Queen inherited by the Dukes of Bourbon-Парма. How did this happen?

in the Spring of 1791, king Louis XVI, Marie-Антуанетта and their children began to prepare to escape from their country. Queen has collected most of the Royal jewels, and sent them with reliable people, first in Brussels and then to Vienna @- to his nephew, the Emperor of Austria.
But they themselves escape failed, and soon the whole Royal family was imprisoned. In 1793 the king and Queen were executed and their ten year old son died in prison. Survived daughter Maria Theresa French, who was imprisoned in jail for three years. Later she was transferred to all stored the crown jewels.

Maria Teresa French, daughter Mary-Антуанетты and Louis XVI.

But since their children had no, Maria Theresa gave the jewels inherited the niece of her husband, the Duchess of Parma. In this family they remained until recently, passing from one generation to the next. Long Bourbon-Пармские cherished them, and now, after more than 200 years, part of this precious heritage up for sale.
What are the jewels of Maria-Антуанетты will be offered for sale?

diamond paryura

diamond paryura

Consists of 95 diamonds, five of which belonged to Marie Antoinette. Estimated cost @- $300,000-500,000.

Earrings and pendant

Earrings and pendant (pearls, diamonds)

Earrings @- $30,000-50,000. The cost of the pendants with a diamond and pearl" исключительных sizes" $1-2 million Size of pearls @- 26x18 mm

Necklace (pearl)

Pearl necklace. Natural pearl and diamond clip

Previously estimated at $200,000-300,000

Maria-Антуанетта was very fond of pearls. She was frequently depicted in portraits in jewelry made of pearls. At the end of the XVIII century the pearl was very valuable.

Portrait of the French Queen Marie Antoinette in pearl necklace and earrings. Elizabeth Vigee 1788

Portrait Марии-Антуанетты..

Who else has got the Queen"s jewels.

In 1792, after a failed escape, Maria-Антуанетта, anticipating that it will be put in prison, still gave a part of their personal jewellery with my friend, Elizabeth Sutherland, for the period until his release. However, her release, she did not. After the Queen was executed, the jewels remained in the family of Sutherland, where they are also kept for a long time. In 2007 only one necklace was still for sale. At the time it was produced using the jewelry of Mary-Антуанетты for the bride of a grandson of lady Elizabeth.

Necklace. Pearls from the Gulf of Mexico and Panama sea, diamonds and rubies.

two twisted tapes, diamond and ruby hanging 33 pearls. Where is this necklace belongs to whom – not as advertised.

take a Look to some of the Queen"s jewels:

Tiara Mary-Антуанетты. National Museum of natural history.

Floral tiara.

Crown Mary-Антуанетты, a family heirloom,.

the Marie Antoinette Necklace from De Beers.

Very beautiful and expensive necklace. Consists of a large number of small white diamonds, one pink, two yellow, and one of the largest of 8.05 carats. Its estimated cost @- $3.7 million

Pearl necklace

Pearl necklace

the Sapphire set of Queen Марии-Антуанетты.

Changed several owners. Now called" Гарнитур Mary-Амелии" exhibited in the Louvre.

Citrine paryura Марии-Антуанетты.

Amethyst jewelry Марии-Антуанетты.

Diamond earrings.

These earrings from the diamonds in the most ordinary silver frame Mary-Антуанетта loved. Now they can be seen at the Museum of natural history, Smithsonian institution (Washington, USA).

Diamond earrings.

Earrings @- a gift from mother in law.

Blue diamond to Marie Antoinette, the weight of 5.64 carats, cut in the shape of a heart.

Sapphire ring.

Diamond and enamel ring of the firmament belonging Марии-Антуанетте.

Breguet Mary-Антуанетты, outline of diamonds with a pearl dial, accentuated with rubies.


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