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Descendants Of Georges Dantes

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the Shadow of Pushkin: what happened to the descendants of Georges Dantes.

Scholars carefully tracking the fate of the heirs of the great poet, but about the descendants of Dantes do not want to remember. How can to earn the attention of the children and grandchildren of the man who killed the Russian genius? But fate was forever inscribed in the history of Dantes on a par with Pushkin, a fatal duel, giving him immortality. That"s just the name of the Russian poet became a kind of curse for the heirs of George. The shadow of the ill-fated duel still surrounds descendants Dantes and does not allow them to find ways to deal with the heirs of Pushkin.

Fatal attraction daughter Dantes.

In 1840, on the family estate in Sulze Dantes was born the daughter Leonia-Шарлотта. Admiring podcastalley baby, George could hardly assume that in her face, the insidious fate will deal him a crushing blow in the back. It Leonia became his curse and eternal reminder of the duel, killed the Russian poet and Russian.

Daughter Dantes: Left to right: Leonie, Matilda, Bertha. Watercolor Of Leopold Fischer. 1843:

Leonia-Шарлотта had a remarkable intelligence, innovative thinking and a penchant for the exact Sciences. She easily passed the house on a full course of study the Polytechnic school. In these talents the French girl of those years could be dubbed crazy, because ideally she should have interest in other things. But fatal for Leonie Dantes was not mathematics, and unfathomable love for Russia and Pushkin.

Russian language was forbidden in the family of Dantes, but she alone mastered it. Pushkin was for Leonie a true idol, and the father she saw the embodiment of the hated man, which interrupted the life of the great genius. The fatal bullet overtook the poet Dantes years later in the form of accusations from my own daughter.

Catherine Dantes (Goncharov) @spouse - murderers of Pushkin and the mother of his children.

Russian poet became Leonie a kind of icon. Her room was hung about with his portraits, and bookshelves filled with his writings. Many of the works girl memorized like prayers by heart. She knew not only the poem, but even whole episodes from" the Captain"s daughter". The spirit of Pushkin"s life became impenetrable wall between Dantes and Leonia, which is in one of the fights called my father a killer and never talked to him.

Living in France, she with all her soul was a real Russian. Leonia worshiped and Pushkin was in love with his homeland – Russia, where she was not able to go. All this was the reason for the recognition of the girls insane. Dantes annoyed by the constant reminder about Pushkin and Russia. He placed the daughter in a mental hospital in Paris, where she spent more than 20 years and died in 1888

Destiny Dantes and his other children.

Image Dantes-убийцы, which invariably arises in the minds of the Russian, the French is different. George lived a long life, made a great political career and raised on legs of four children, never married after the death of his wife. He was a fine mayor of the city Sulza where it is thanks to him there was the first water supply and urban sewage. Only Leonia-Шарлоттта was a dark spot on a light name the well-behaved family man. But without true evidence, it is difficult to say, was she really mentally ill or just irritated the father of her Russian soul.

Georges Charles Dantes. A fragment of lithograph from the portrait by an unknown artist. Around 1830.

the Lives of other children Dantes has been more prosaic, without any twists of fate. Daughter Mathilde was married to General Louis Matman. Bertha-Жозефина was a classy lady and wife of count Vandalia. Son Louis-Жозеф no career is not done. He settled in the family castle and was involved in numerous vineyards of the estate.

the Paradoxes of fate, the great-grandson of Dantes.

the Shadow of Pushkin haunts even the modern descendants of Dantes. The fate of Baron Loter de Gekkern you can find a lot of amazing coincidences. None of the heirs of Pushkin has not written a word, afraid to be in the shadow of the glorious ancestor. The great-grandson of Dantes not only writes poetry (and a pen), but even issued a collection dedicated to the great poet of Russia. In translation the name of the collection sounds symbolic," to Die together with Pushkin". Loter hopes that his work bought for the sake of poetry, not to brag-the book of a descendant of Dantes. Like his great grandfather, he had children – his wife left him for another.

in 2006, Giving an interview to a journalist from Russia, the Baron showed the graves of Dantes and his Russian wife in the family vault. The loter said that here are buried and the teacher, who instilled in him a love of literature. Contrary to tradition, in a noble tomb for her has been allocated a place. Do not remind this story about Arina Rodionovna? Baron sincerely sad that none of the relatives do not care about the fate of the crypt.

Baron loter @- a descendant of Dantes, living in our days.

Living in Nantes loter – another descendant of Dantes, for which Pushkin"s name was not an empty sound. But unlike Leonie he is sure that his great-grandfather not to blame for the death of the poet, because everything was-честному. Baron believes that Dantes just wanted to be loved, and the poet loved the duel and" he wove himself a shroud".

Pushkin"s Duel with Dantes.

loter wants to explain to the heirs of Pushkin, but those are not ready yet to give the honor. The door to their home slammed for the Dantes, and no one seeks first to extend a hand of reconciliation even after almost two centuries.


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