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My curatorial project for the youth Biennale.

Запись от Кирилл Алексеев размещена 14.06.2018 в 16:05

Project" Dynamical Chaos" talks about the many options bessmyslennyi phenomena that surround us in everyday life.

the Authors of works trying to describe the boundaries of those absurd everyday moments, from which is born the picture of our life.

Life is an endless Brownian motion of particles and energies. It is unpredictable and chaotic in the macro-phenomena and global processes.

Death — stable and predictable.

Life is continual change.

Death — limit energy flow and stability of matter.

the authors of the project capture the viewer"s attention on the usual, often unnoticeable episodes of everyday visual experience. Watching the usual life stories, one begins to look at chaos as a symbol of life, and the restriction of the Brownian mess — as the image of death.

Life and death appear in the form of metaphors of rest and motion, sometimes mixing in optical illusions and metaphors.

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