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Sasha putrya went down in history as a talented artist, author of children"s poems and cartoons. She devoted her entire life to art, despite the fact that spent six years in the fight against a terrible disease – leukemia. Sasha died when she was only 11, but managed to do so much that others couldn"t in years. Looking at these works, it is difficult to believe that the author is a child...

Саша Путря прожила всего 11 лет, но создала множество рисунков.

Sasha putrya lived only 11 years, but has created a lot of drawings.

Sasha putrya often called child-индиго, because children her age spend time in the sandbox, play with dolls and draw what-то awkward markers or paints. And this girl since childhood diligently spent hours on end drawing and create meaningful images, each of which was a complete story.

Саша Путря с любимой игрушкой.

Sasha putrya with a favorite toy.

Творческий процесс.

the Creative process.

Miracle-девочка was born in 1977 in Poltava. Her parents - creative: mother @- a teacher in music school, father – artist. Sasha was an unusual child, she had started drawing with markers and crayons painted on whatever he could reach. At first it was a very childish work, every drawing she made up a story, recreating from memory what I saw at home, in kindergarten, at work mom.

Лисица, 1983 г.

Fox, 1983

Робин Гуд и Саша на месяце гуляют, летают, 1983 г.

Robin hood and Sasha on the month walk, fly, 1983

In five years, Sasha"s parents found out the terrible news: their child is terminally ill. The doctors didn"t give chances, saying that she will live a month. But the parents did not despair: they went to doctors, Sasha was treated, and they visited the Kiev-Печерскую Lavra, where the girl received the blessing.

Я и Витя (двоюродный брат), 1983 г.

I"m Victor (cousin), 1983.

Автопортрет с красными глазами, 1984 г.

self-Portrait with red eyes, 1984

How much this baby managed to survive 6 years with this diagnosis is an open question. According to parents, the strength she drew in oeuvre. She painted for many hours a day, regardless of whether at home or in the hospital. Most of these were self-portraits, pictures with his cousin in which the girl was" влюблена", and also sketches about space.

Цирк и гутаперчевый мальчик, 1985 г.

Circus and guttaperchivye boy, 1985

Sasha listened with interest to stories about distant planets, believed that UFOs do come to our land, and those flying saucers – the ancestors of humans. The girl even prepared the drawings that, in her opinion, can help people to go to the moon. What knew this girl, today we can only guess. Her father Yevgeny says that a year before her birth, he saw a prophetic dream in which he and his wife were lying in the field, and the sky has fallen star. This star is turned into a bird, which the pair and took to himself.

Графиня, 1986 г.

the Countess, 1986

Another passion of Sasha, apart from the space history of India. Love to this country began in Indian films, after watching the movie" Танцор disco" the girl began to paint portraits of actor Mithun of Chakraborty. The young artist simply adored, and after the death of the baby, the parents decided that I will bury it along with a painted portrait of the idol. Sasha sometimes said strange as it seemed to the parents thing: she asked where the elephant, which she loved to ride in childhood, or wondering where all her hands, why are only two left.

Индийский киноактер Митхун Чакроборти, 1988 г.

Indian film actor Mithun of Chakraborty, 1988

Девушка со звезды, 1986 г.

the Girl with the star, 1986

Sasha was demanding of himself, could spend hours redrawing the same picture, valued the views of parents always were asked to rate creativity. In addition to the drawings, it is readily made crafts, homemade books, for which he wrote the poem.

Евгений и Виктория, 1987 г.

Eugene and Victoria, 1987

growing up, Sasha had even painted an icon of the Church, it depicted the virgin Mary. Shortly before death the girl has created a picture touched to the core: she waved her hand and the hand of the father, and in the distance depicted a few stars. The pattern is named" Сириус".

Дева Мария, 1988 г.

Mary, 1988

Yevgeny putrya, Sasha"s father, still daily remembers the brilliant daughter. He organizes exhibitions of her work, keeps all created by her, and every Saturday goes to the grave of his daughter, to talk to her. Eugene says that often sees dreams in which" встречается" with her daughter, she gives him valuable advice about how to treat the disease, talks to him, calms.

Новогодняя открытка, 1989 г.

Christmas card, 1989

the Earthly journey of Sasha putrya was fleeting, the mystery of her character is not force us to solve, can only be stored in the memory of her bright name.

Композиция «Сириус», 1989 г.

Composition" Сириус", 1989

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