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Why Russian artist Konstantin Trutovsky, many believe the Ukrainian folk painter.

На сеновале, 1872. Автор: Константин Трутовский.

the hayloft, 1872. Author: Konstantin Trutovsky.

to Glorify rural life, so much so that the audience felt the peace and unusual charm of the world, charged with living energy and enjoying the beauty of pristine landscapes, managed quite a few masters of the brush. Among these was Konstantin Aleksandrovich Trutovsky, a truly people"s artist.

Константин Александрович Трутовский.

Konstantin Alexandrovich Trutovsky.

Konstantin Alexandrovich was distinguished extraordinary diligence: paintings, watercolors and pencil drawings for the whole creative path written so as not to count. He was a genre painter, Illustrator of the works of N. Gogol, Lermontov, Krylov, and was an academician of the Imperial Academy of arts, was a member of the Royal Belgian society of watercolorists.

Сцена у колодца (1893). Автор: Константин Трутовский.

the Scene at the well (1893). Author: Konstantin Trutovsky.

Among Russian painters it is difficult to find another one "открытого, sincere, pleasant person who in life and art is expressed unshakable faith in the people, national moral nobility of ordinary people, worthy of respect". Being a lovely conversationalist and a regular creative meetings of artists, a witty Illustrator, a rare connoisseur of rural life, Trutovsky was always the center of attention of the General public.

На кладке. Автор: Константин Трутовский.

On masonry. Author: Konstantin Trutovsky.

His love for the Ukraine was so great that as a Russian artist, he in the eyes of the majority of critics and viewers appears to be purely Ukrainian painter. Indeed, the best canvases of the master, depicting rural life of the people, see that they are associated at most with Ukraine, Ruthenian traditions. And" душа, full Gogol", has always sought her in the vast expanses.

У плетня. Автор: Константин Трутовский.

the fence. Author: Konstantin Trutovsky.

"Малороссия – wrote the artist – made me a charming impression... With a fever I began to draw everything that I came across on глаза". And catch the eye of the master the most ordinary scenes from rural life. The lives of ordinary peasants he depicted, not looking for flaws, and lovingly portrayed and the simplicity and at the same time, the wisdom of the people, customs, rituals and their unique humor.

Возвращение с ярмарки. (1868 г.) Автор: Константин Трутовский.

returning from the fair. (1868) Author: Konstantin Trutovsky.

Even at a young age Trutovsky was reading the works of N. In. Gogol. In them he found a description of what he had seen many times, traveling to the Ukrainian land, and that then became the basis of his work, namely: national customs, the flavor of character and lyrical spirit.

Колядки в Малороссии. (1864). Автор: Константин Трутовский.

Carols in the Ukraine. (1864). Author: Konstantin Trutovsky.

Later, illustrating" Вечера on a farm near Dikanka", he invested his own observations of people"s life that determined the success of his work. As, however, and all his other works of book graphics and paintings. The fascination with Goldeneye so it was great that Trutovsky has written several paintings illustrating the works of the great writer.

Иллюстрация к Сорочинской ярмарке Николая Гоголя. Автор: Константин Трутовский.

the Illustration to the fair by Nikolai Gogol. Author: Konstantin Trutovsky.

And whatever wrote the master, he is always in his images showed fine powers of observation, wit, sometimes humor, and often poetic feeling.

Тарас Шевченко с кобзой над Днепром. (1875). Автор: Константин Трутовский.

Taras Shevchenko with kobza on the Dnieper. (1875). Author: Konstantin Trutovsky.

he did Not ignore their creativity and the image of the poet Taras Shevchenko. It and the with the light hand of Mikhail Nesterov was called @-" Шевченко painting".

Малороссийский пейзаж. Автор: Константин Трутовский.

little Russian landscape. Author: Konstantin Trutovsky.

the Majestic nature and people of the village, impressing with its simplicity and naivety, friendliness and hospitality, are the canvases of the painter is a unique feeling of homeland, which is in the soul of each of us. And all that warms our souls and brings a joyful and nostalgic memories.

Хоровод в Курской губернии. (1860). Автор: Константин Трутовский.

the round Dance in Kursk province. (1860). Author: Konstantin Trutovsky.

in addition to genre scenes of Ukrainian vernacular life, the artist and images of small landlords, their customs, everyday life and typical behavior. As can be seen on the canvas" Игра in карты".

Воскресный день. Игра в карты. Автор: Константин Трутовский.

Sunday afternoon. A game of cards. Author: Konstantin Trutovsky.

And if the images of the villagers from" Хоровода" written with maximum empathy for their plight, the players cards do not cause the artist is not the slightest sympathy. "Пренебрежительный view of one of the players on the servant of another sly grin, sitting opposite, overweight back fat landowner, to hide us from the table, all the characters are depicted with destroying иронией".

В половодье. Автор: Константин Трутовский.

In the flood. Author: Konstantin Trutovsky.

Trutovsky life was a staunch opponent of serfdom, so the reform of 1861, abolishing slavery, was received with admiration.

«В метель», (1887). Автор: Константин Трутовский.

" В Blizzard", (1887). Author: Konstantin Trutovsky.

Свадебный выкуп. Автор: Константин Трутовский.

Wedding ransom. Author: Konstantin Trutovsky.

Сбор на церковь (1863). Автор: Константин Трутовский.

the Gathering of the Church (1863). Author: Konstantin Trutovsky.

Урок музыки. Автор: Константин Трутовский.

a music Lesson. Author: Konstantin Trutovsky.

Надевают венок. (1893). Автор: Константин Трутовский.

Put a wreath. (1893). Author: Konstantin Trutovsky.

Слепой бандурист. Автор: Константин Трутовский.

the Blind bandura player. Author: Konstantin Trutovsky.

Городским путникам предлагают фрукты на обочине. (1873). Автор: Константин Трутовский.

City travellers are offered fruit on the side. (1873). Author: Konstantin Trutovsky.

Приезд учительницы. Автор: Константин Трутовский.

the Arrival of the teacher. Author: Konstantin Trutovsky.

Сельская учительница. (1883). Автор: Константин Трутовский.

rural teacher. (1883). Author: Konstantin Trutovsky.

Жанровая сцена, (1876). Автор: Константин Трутовский.

Genre scene, (1876). Author: Konstantin Trutovsky.

У плетня. (1879 г.) Автор: Константин Трутовский.

the fence. (1879) Author: Konstantin Trutovsky.

Маленькие шарманщики зимой. Автор: Константин Трутовский.

the Little organ-grinders in the winter. Author: Konstantin Trutovsky.

Колядки в Малороссии. (1864 г.) Автор: Константин Трутовский.

Carols in the Ukraine. (1864) Author: Konstantin Trutovsky.

Украинская девушка. Автор: Константин Трутовский.

Ukrainian girl. Author: Konstantin Trutovsky.

Украинская ночь. Автор: Константин Трутовский.

Ukrainian night. Author: Konstantin Trutovsky.

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