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"Иное metro"

human Mind
vulgar expression, not a prophet, but palcic.
He sees the General course of things and outputs
from this deep assumption
sometimes justified by time.

the lesson of the world, which started every school year, in every Soviet school, was always bored. It was assumed that children and of the damsel imbued with political information, a densely saturated its importance, and, until the end of the school year will be remembered subfolders of knowledge about occupied Panama, proud of the Sandinistas, the front" Фарабунда Marty". ...

Like-то times, a Lesson of Peace we have conducted a drill instructor school. We were a little scared. By his looks he made us seriously to doubt that the war between Neanderthals and Homo sapiens over 25 thousand years ago.
Military instructor sternly looked at us condescendingly chuckled and began to tell us about the consequences of nuclear war. To say-правде, we don"t really-то much and was surprised. Of course, if talking about stability @- the coming chaos or crisis, but if you have pacifist demagogy @- sure thing, wait for the war.
because it is Necessary to be a fabulous idiot to literally believe all official statements and communiques. The state gives us kind signs, sometimes mystically-запутанные, but" постфактум" invariably clear.
in Short, we began to listen carefully to our anthropomorphic band.
-то serious, as you know.
If the Lesson the World are talking the talk, we must listen, one never knows, and really babahnut.
From the above, I get the following:
1. When I Zap, the machine is necessary to cover his heroic body.
2. I probably will not survive.
3. Cockroaches will survive.
4. Everyone who will be at the moment a nuclear attack in the subway, you will be saved, necessarily.
With the first paragraph I knew. So that means anyone lucky enough to survive after the initial confusion, pushed your burnt remains and picked up carefully preserved an instrument of destruction. The provision of the second paragraph directly followed from the first recommendation. The third point was undisputed because of the results of the all the famous centuries-old struggle with cockroaches in terms of being state-owned and municipal apartments.
the Last paragraph was like a breath of fresh air.
Like a hope lost in the class register at the end of the quarter.
As time came to mind the answer to the tricky question of the examiner.
Like a jet of warm air from the open doors of the subway into the frosty night.
So I realized that just under the ground, among the eternal light and the echoing roar of the trains, among thousands of people you can find not just misanthropy, but a rescue from planetary catastrophe.
to be honest, much of this form of public transport confirms me in the belief that this is a completely different world.
View themselves as time goes on the subway. It stops and you drive from one end of our Central Russian city of Babylon in another twenty minutes, then have to Wade through an eternity before you pass one-две stop. Each station @- the quintessence of what-нибудь time ; heroic episode or epic events. You are traveling on the history of the twentieth century, making himself the slightest difficulty, just looking out the window of the car.
Like the first Christians went to the catacombs, there to pray, unknown to all the rest of God, and in the beginning of the XXI century, all Communist symbols were only in the underground palaces of the Moscow metro.
Sometimes it seems that people move through the platforms and passages of this immense city, guided by what-то unknown program, which distributes to people in cars, where during rush hour, according to the laws of space should not be similar to the number of living beings.
Is an underground reserve of public discipline, the last Marina ostentatious ideals of the factory and of the factory demonstration of the beauty of the Soviet era. In mosaic and fresco panels, bronze statues and marble intarsia, everywhere, we is a (quite fabulous) so-труженика, long forgotten on the sinful surface.
Metro could save from the first flashes of a new world war, could also strengthen the doubters in the bright prospects of a bright future, his heavy pomp claiming the image is already quite close to heaven on earth. This underground city has become a giant tomb, the hopes of a whole generation of people who believed in a perfect world where everything will be as dreams in the half-asleep child on the eve of his birthday in anticipation of the holiday with gifts.

When the XXI century has invaded this Church the great Utopia with their ads and flashy banners printing, then suddenly, all this tinsel new time seemed empty and annoying. It may be that no rag and hysterical opposition did not turn away so many people from the government, how annoying-пошлая advertising in the Moscow metro. Like, imagine, will be treated Parisians to his government, if Notre Dame-Даме will be allowed to display posters with silly images and consumer appeals?
Many of the passengers in perfection possess quite vouyeristic skills the scrutiny of their neighbors. Some of the interviewees silently, often feel the curious looks and then it gives me special pleasure to observe emerging short silent dialogues.
it Happens to see how citizens in a timid respectful curiosity looking at the sculpture composition at the stations, and they arrogantly don"t pay any attention to these fleeting spectators, remaining bronze-бесстрастными. Official observers @- matron of escalators, resembling carved in stone underground gods themselves, quickly acquire the stately haughtiness of look and immobility of facial manifestations.
this ritmizirovannye soaked daily ritual rite of passage, space, even absurd coincidence looks surprising natural.
once, in the month of January, I met a white marble on the platform barefoot old man with henna dyed beard. It still wore the khaki shorts and what-то rotting t-shirt. It"s pretty wildly looked around, as if falling asleep at home, he found himself in a frightful dream, with hundreds of people, clearly going about their herding routes, just sets in motion the same force that makes each year to migrate hundreds of thousands of penguins.
Once, at the beginning of the two thousandth, I had a vision of our school band. There was this didactic meeting at the station" Площадь Revolution". He was well dressed and was reading a newspaper" Спорт-экспресс".
I Think at that moment he, too, escaped in the underground city from which-то surface filth.

Kirill Alekseev

Posted by Kirill Alexeev on@now;17 May 2018, 10:07

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