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The singer house on Nevsky

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the singer House on Nevsky: globe, Valkyrie, a sewing machine and American eagle.

the singer House on Nevsky.

Guests of the Northern capital, walking along the Nevsky prospect, unlikely indifferently pass by this magnificent building with the famous dome, for over a hundred years, towering over the roofs of houses. The singer building, the famous House of books, has become one of the symbols of the city.

... the tower was torn the winged globe and the name" singer" was offered. (Nikolay Zabolotsky)

Originally this building was built by singer, known throughout the world for its sewing machines. These cars, purchased in the early twentieth century, is still carefully preserved in some families.

Foot-operated sewing machine of company" singer".

Many people mistakenly believe that singer @- this German company, but it is not. This company is American, its founder Isaac singer, the son of German immigrants, was born in new-Йорке.
Sewing machines existed before it, but they were all very cumbersome, complex and often broke down. Work on them require a team of mechanics. The merit of the singer was that he invented a machine, to work where could a seamstress. And we can do that at home.
it is Interesting that the invention of the singer did in between, spending his days ten. It was in 1851.

First car singer.

But the path from successful inventions to enter the broad market is never easy. And then, suddenly in Isaac woke up a gift of entrepreneurship, besides he was very intelligent marketer. Using in-line Assembly, singer has achieved a significant reduction in the value of their cars, began to use the installment sale, came up with a system called in our days, the franchise has implemented after-sales service. And spared no money on advertising.

I. singer and company logo.

All these efforts were not in vain and led to the rapid rise of the singer company. By the end of 1858 the sewing machine Singer produced 4-х plants, in the year they were sold up to 3000 pieces.
C 1867, the company gradually began to transfer production to Europe, one of the best plants were in Germany.
Sam singer in this is not involved, on top of career, he retired, and in 1875 died.

Isaac Singer.

To Russia the Singer got back in the 1860-е years, in 1896, was created joint-stock company" Manufacturing company singer", later —" Company singer in Russia".

1906 year.

Advertising in Russia.

Advertising postcard in Russia.

And, in 1902, in the suburban town of Podolsk plant was built, producing annually up to 600 thousand cars.

Their implementation was carried out in specialized shops of the company across Russia, which then numbered about 3000.

Store stock companies, singer and Co.

Exhibition-реклама in the shop window joint stock company singer and Co.

Grand plans.

To open a representative office in Russia it was decided to build in St. Petersburg the new building, and is planned in a big way. The project is supposed to be a skyscraper at least 11 floors. The place chosen for him is great – has purchased a plot of land on Nevsky Prospekt, opposite the Kazan Cathedral. By the time this place was a 4-этажный house, which housed the famous photographer Levitsky (where he photographed many famous personalities), and the prospect of the demolition of this building, many citizens were unhappy. But the construction permit was received from the Nicholas II.

the Old building on the site of the house of singer 1890-ые.

But it turned out that the building project, designed by architect Paul Susara taking into account the wishes of customers, can not be implemented because it does not match the established rules. Buildings located in the city centre, could not be higher of 23.47 m ( the height of the Winter Palace), and was not supposed to overshadow the domes of nearby churches.

Architect Sutro still managed to find a brilliant solution – he designed 6-этажное building with an elegant tower-куполом, on top of which was a glass globe with a diameter of 2.8 m.
For a tower having a purely decorative character, the height restriction does not apply. At the same time, this soaring structure would increase the height of the building, but not overshadow the domes of the cathedrals, the Kazan and our Savior on spilled blood.

the Building of the singer house 1902-1904.

When the building was completed and scaffolding was removed, the townspeople gasped in amazement! Nothing like that in St. Petersburg was not. Before them stood a magnificent Palace with a fancy silhouette and rich outer decoration, made in the fashionable art Nouveau style, which differed sharply from the classical architecture of St Petersburg buildings.

singer House 1908.

And although at first not all approved of this unusual structure, but in reality it became a real decoration of St. Petersburg, without which it is difficult to imagine Nevsky Prospekt.


great globe, crowning the tower, represents the company"s scope is the whole world. Before the ball was surrounded by an advertising sign –" Zinger and Co", now it is not. Support the globe group of figures personifying sailing.

Ball-глобус on the tower.

Lovely Valkyrie.

Sculptural group at the singer house.

the Corner part of the facade is decorated with beautiful bronze Valkyrie (sculptor A. L. Ober, and A. G. Adamson). If you look closely, you will notice in the hands of a girl a stylized spear (harpoon), embodying, in this case, heavy industry and shipbuilding.
the Other beauty in his left hand holds a spindle and the right elbow rests on the sewing machine – the symbols of light industry.

Valkyrie with a spindle and a sewing machine.

Innovative project.

Through the use of absolutely new Russian technology of construction of buildings on a steel frame, the opportunity to build around the front of the huge panoramic Windows and Windows, gives the building such an unusual look. The perfect solution was mounted in the walls of the drain pipe and device for automatic cleaning of roofs from snow. Was used and many other advanced technologies – heating, ventilation, elevators.

the eagle on the dome.

On the glass dome, wings spread, proudly sits the eagle, although initially he wasn"t here.
When and why it was established?
During the First world war, Russia has deployed powerful anti-German campaign. And as" Зингер" people most often associated with Germany, the owners began to strongly emphasize that Zinger @- this is an American company.
the Lower floor of the building they immediately surrendered to the U.S. Consulate, and then mounted on glass dome is a giant sculpture of an eagle, symbol of America.

the eagle on the dome.

in addition, the company" singer" sewing form for the Russian army, although it is little known.
But it didn"t help @-" singer" were accused of espionage in favor of Germany, in the company"s offices were searched and arrests, however, the fact of espionage could not be proven.

Interestingly, this single-headed eagle survived in 1917, but mysteriously disappeared in the years of the NEP. The eagle, what is knowledge today, restored from the surviving sketches and photos.

the fate of the building after the revolution.

Almost the entire Soviet period in the singer house, nationalised in 1918, and housed a bookstore, publishers and editors.
30-е years there was a famous children"s publishing house" Lengthis" headed by S. Y. Marshak, so often here you can meet K. I. Chukovsky, E. Schwartz, D. harms.

singer House 20-е years.

House books the blockade.

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