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Russia, St. Basil"s Cathedral

This religious building of the nineteenth century is the most popular temple on the planet. It was built by Italian architects. In their work they used Russian folklore, decorated the temple in the form" стрел"," кокошников"," крестов" etc.

Самые известные храмы мира

Each dome of the temple is decorated with burnt bricks, colored tiles. If you look at the Cathedral from above, you can detect that all its eight domes form an eight-pointed star, which are symbols of the blessed virgin. Located in the capital of Russia @Moscow mdas.

the Vatican, St. Peter"s Cathedral

This is the heart of the Roman Catholic Empire. Its architecture was engaged to famous Italian artists, one of them was the famous Michelangelo. Its construction lasted for many centuries.

Самые известные храмы мира

the walls of the Cathedral are striking a variety of biblical characters, inside are many statues made of marble. The interior of the Cathedral is the gilded altars and painted frescoes.

Spain, Sagrada Familia

It is the chief architect of the great master Antonio Gaudi. The construction of the temple began in the late nineteenth century, and is still ongoing. Expiatory temple of the Holy Familyconsists of tall columns, between which is a biblical sculpture.

Самые известные храмы мира

Most complex in its construction is the stone itself, as it is made by sophisticated technology. Construction completion is scheduled for 2026. Is located in Barcelona.

Turkey, St. Sophia Cathedral

Istanbul (formerly Constantinople) is a unique Cathedral, the years of building 537 -1453. Since ancient times it was considered" сердцем" Byzantine state.

Самые известные храмы мира
within its walls were held many worship services, during which were used precious materials and relics. Around the Church are numerous sculptures of biblical saints. The fate of the building was first a Church, then a mosque, now — Museum.

Italy, Milan Cathedral

Cathedral of the Nativity of the virgin Mary — Cathedral in Milan. Built of white marble in the Gothic style. Start of construction in 1386, the completion of the early nineteenth century. Some details were completed before 1965 is Dedicated to the Nativity of the blessed virgin Mary.

Самые известные храмы мира
This architectural masterpiece is the symbol of Milan. The building contains many spires and sculptures, pointed turrets and pillars of marble. In the Cathedral there are 3400 statues.

Israel, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre

This is the main and important Shrine not only of Israel, but of all the inhabitants of a world power. Date of establishment 326. Is in Jerusalem. Within these walls each year, in honor of the great Resurrection of the son of God, Jesus Christ, a miracle occurs – the Holy Fire.

Самые известные храмы мира

Legend has it that it was erected exactly on the place where he was crucified and then buried Jesus Christ.

United Kingdom, St Paul"s Cathedral

Anglican Church of St. Paul, located at the highest point of London is the seat of a Bishop. Built by architect Christopher Wren. Years of construction 1675—1708.

Самые известные храмы мира
Here lies the dust of two hundred of the most famous British citizens. Buried in the Cathedral: it architect — Christopher Wren, Admiral Nelson, the Duke of Wellington, sir Alexander Fleming, the artist Henry Moore. In this Church the funeral of Winston Churchill, married Prince Charles and Princess Diana.


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