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Henri Fantin-Латур (1836-1904) @- French painter and lithographer. His father was a portrait painter and teacher of drawing. The artist"s mother was Russian by origin and her name was Elena Naydenova, she was the adopted daughter of Countess Elena Alekseevna Zotova (Kurakina).

Henri Fantin-Латур had started to learn drawing @- first from his father and at the art school, then studied at the école des Beaux arts in Paris. Since 1853, the young artist regularly copied in the Louvre paintings by old masters, and in the Luxembourg Museum of the work of Delacroix.

By 1863, he belongs to those artists whose works were presented simultaneously at the Paris salon and the salon of the rejected. Although his contemporaries and friends were the Impressionists, he adhered to the style close to realism.

Impressionists and high-ranking officials of the Academy of arts, and the Salon lived on the right Bank of the Seine. Only Fantin-Латур, not affiliated to any flow, prefer the left Bank. For thirty years he lived on the street Arts, 8, in a strange apartment-мастерской without Windows, lit through a glass roof, making all the room was flooded with cold light. He is very liked, because it was near the Louvre, where he went every day to enjoy the contemplation of the masterpieces of classical art.

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