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Joseph Shenk – provincial of Rybinsk, who discovered Marilyn Monroe, and became the father-основателем Hollywood.

Joseph Haimovich Shanker.

In search of a better life, they were in the United States. Started their American life with the sale of medicines in pharmacies, and then engaged in the cinemas and amusement parks, then-братски divided Hollywood. Nicholas became President of the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, and Joseph Chaplin opened to the world, fell in love with Monroe and created a film company 20th Century Fox.

"Maternity hospital of Hollywood"

Rybinsk in the beginning of XX century.

In Russian Rybinsk is the house, which is still called the farmer"s House. So he called in the distant Soviet times, and stayed in it the villagers who came to the city on business. Sometimes they tarried here for a long time and their entire families. It was here in the winter of 1878, was born Chaim Sankara serving the Volga shipping company. The boy was given the biblical name Joseph. Three years later, they again stayed in the same house where the family added another son @Nicholas -.

Joseph Sanker.

Then nobody could not have imagined that years later the elder brother would become the founder of Hollywood, and the youngest @- one of the richest magnates in the United States. In the period of perestroika in the Soviet Union, the building was filled with small firms and boutiques. And soon it appeared a memorial plaque with the image of the famous brothers. Now their names and surnames were pronounced in the American manner @- Joseph and Nicholas Schenk. So the old building became known and the local people jokingly started to call it" maternity hospital of Hollywood".


On one of these ships Joseph arrived in the United States.

the head of the family of Shenkarow good money and managed to put together a little capital. In 1892, the family, like many Jews at the time, decided to emigrate to America. Their route lay through Galicia to the French capital, and then @- across the Atlantic. It was a very difficult journey. The settlers went to trademark the courts. Not in comfortable cabins, and in the musty and dark-holds, where there were only the bench and darted a hungry rat.

the Road was long and tiring, cook was nowhere. People ate cold food was ill, and many did not live up to the cherished shore. It only remained to pray. The family of Shenkarow reached American Paradise without loss, and immediately changed the name to Schenk. In a few decades it will be a triumphant sound in all corners of the world.

gold mine


they had Now to subsist for the remainder of the trip money and to find their place under the American sun, not to live in poverty in this country. First, the young men had hard times. What they are not doing: trashing Newspapers and washed dishes in a cafe. All this time they lived in a provincial Haarlem, where lived the scum of society and immigrants.

# But the guys showed a commercial vein, when they managed to get a job in the pharmacy. Their first capital, they say, they earned by selling drugs without prescriptions. This helped them to buy some pharmacies and begin independent business. In addition, Shanky sold alcoholic drinks, and part of the money invested in the processing of sugar cane, which in those days was quite a profitable occupation.

photo Shoot. Harlem Нью-Йорк.

Show-бизнес resourceful, the brothers opened for themselves as an inexhaustible source of income, completely by accident. In the amusement Park Fort-Джоржа and adjacent public places Shanky organized the sale of beer by the glass. The dollars poured in. Here"s Joe and Nicolas met with the owner rides and cinemas Marcus Lowe.

Clearly weighed all the pros the prospective business, the brothers bought a large plot of land and open a theme Park called" Paradise"("Paradise"). To increase the capital, young entrepreneurs are gaining several rooms of cinemas. Thus was born the company" Metro".

Parallel courses

Clark gable, Joseph Schenck and Douglas Fairbanks.

When America was just beginning" cinematic boom", which far-sighted brothers Schenk bet and once again was not wrong. Already in 1927-ом they had a million annual income per common and a tidy account in the Bank, amounting to twenty million dollars.

Norma Talmadge.

And for a decade prior to that, Joe Schenk decides to do an independent producer and went to a suburb of Los-Анджелеса where it is making huge success in the field of creation of Factory of Dreams.

Norma Talmadge and Joseph Schenck.

In Hollywood with his light hand light up such stars as Norma Talmadge, who becomes his wife; Bastor Kitten, Fatty Arbuckle, Charlie Chaplin, Mary Pickford and Marilyn Monroe. Soon, Schenk becomes the main face of Hollywood, as head of the Guild of producers.

Joseph Schenk, Mary Pickford, Charlie Chaplin, Douglas Fairbanks, Ronald Colman, Eddie Cantor.

At this time Nicholas together with Marcus Lowe create a film company" Метро-Голдвин-Майер" that pragmatic Schenk-младший will lead a long three decades.

Big love" Honest Joe"

In wide circles Joseph Schenk earned the nickname" Honest Joe." History is silent, whether it was rated with irony or for merits in the struggle with existing mafia extortion. However, in 1941 he was charged with tax violations and was sentenced to one year in prison.

Joseph Michael Schenk and Monroe.

after a few months Joe was released and went back to producing. Soon he won a Golden Oscar for outstanding achievements in the film industry. Probably the biggest prize in his life was the magnificent Marilyn Monroe. Then she was still a young actress, and Joseph irrevocably fell in love with the hot blonde with the mole on his cheek.

Joseph and Nicholas Schenck.

it was he who persuaded his friend, the head of" Columbia pictures", to sign a contract with then a little-known Monroe. For several years Marilyn was with Joseph, and even after parting remembered him as a wise and kind person. Star always called him the epitome of Hollywood history. Joe Schenk has lived a long and fruitful life.

Walt Disney, Elliot Roosevelt, and Joseph Schenk.

All the pages of its colorful history always covered by the press. He died at the age of 82, leaving the created offspring of the film industry to his brother. Nicholas Schenk, unlike Joseph, has always shunned publicity. He was one of the ten richest people in America and until his death remained an honorary President of his company, surviving brother in eight years.

a plaque in Rybinsk.

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