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that"s what I heard at the lecture Деготь:
«Всем hi, I"m Kate, I work in a European institution in Cologne, we were interested in postcolonial art. Mainly type blacks, Asians, Filipinos, etc. White Europeans practically put, if you considers himself a white European, it is likely to fit into the European context through our institution, you have virtually no. But everything changes, if you consider yourself a white Negro from Asia, because Russia – is postkoloniale Zimbabwe in the snow. And by the way Serov – is also known westernizer of his time, very funny that he now presents as a truly Russian artist in the Slavophile propaganda of the company. Slavophiles ideologically empty, all the ideas they took from prozapadnaya, but turned on its head. And yet, examples of the work of postcolonial artists that interest us, I you I will not show that you have not rushed to copy them, think of yourself how you can work with this theme, unless of course you want to fit into the European context. Actually, all the art of North America is tied to postcoloniality, so think for yourself, you"re artists, modern art, which were driven into the cellars of-за ideological pressure, so the winery more no one goes (remark: actually no, at the winery, the audience does not go, because in the second half there exhibited zero shit as «Синих Nosov». But the word exhibition «Верю», for example, is pretty interesting, but not because the work was high quality, and at the expense of the well-built drama and the aesthetics of post-industrial space of the brewery). Next Kate: And here"s another as an example of Ukraine, its cultural figures who completely abandon their national identity, are not understood in Europe. Therefore, it is necessary to save your Asia-славянскую identity in the postcolonial context of the Soviet project, which was invented by the West as a social experiment, but to what-то moment was out of control, so that the whole territory of the former Soviet Union, it is also a colony that rebelled and eventually crumbled into small postcolony and т.д.»
Вот as-то so…
Actually, I don"t mind who-то of the artists would consider themselves white or Negro Asian and interact with Kate or something-то from this plane, it"s personal and highly intimate. But I white Negro does not believe and honestly, it"s not worth listening to yet again that Russia-зимбабве-в-снегу.
And developing the thought of Katya Degot, from myself I will add that Gerhard Richter, Neo Rauch, mark Rothko and many others, is, of course, artists are keenly interested in post-colonial Africa or Asia for example and all the creativity they have devoted to these problems (actually no).
Very strange lecture, because contemporary art in the political intrigues, the instrument is not highly effective, if once in the struggle of ideologies this tool worked, but now, in modern conditions, it is absolutely not effective, apparently it"s the inertia of the aging ideologues who are trying to enter the same river twice.
a Political romp through the culture comes and goes, I prefer to focus on aesthetics, talk with eternity…
Pathetic face.

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