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Elikuka. Present your passport.

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Original taken from zub4ikElikuka. Present your passport.
a Month ago in the workshop at Burakova, 27 exhibition group Elikuka «Предъявите passport». «Сегодня almost all people carry your passport just in case. We hold documents proving our identity on the street police officers, security guards at the security gates of various government agencies, former factories, office enclaves and even store your passport, you may need to make a purchase. We are in search of «подозрительных persons» in metro, railway stations and airports. «Не trust and verify!» - yells at you-за every corner power. Here and a work of art itself begins to worry, falling into paranoia, a terrifying thought comes to him at "голову": Who are you, people came to the exhibition? - You are an illegal migrant, by cunning and deceit entered the mortal world to the world of lofty matters and beauty! Maybe you igielski terrorist (ISIS, prohibited in Russia), who dreams of a sledgehammer to cut off all the excess? Or a fighter for Orthodox morality, which itching? «Кто you, people of the city in the fog?» will Submit your passport!» Also their boxes in the workshop issued Alice Joffe and David Тер-Оганьян.

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