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Запись от Dmitry Kawarga размещена 05.12.2014 в 15:57

specially for the exhibition" Quantum entanglement"
with the support of the FutureEverything and Laboratoria Art&Science Space

Object-antiobject. Superposition from Dmitry Kawarga on Vimeo.

Two robotic object with many technologies of measuring devices form, at first glance, a closed system.
These objects interact with each other, and the first time the viewer think that the relationship of their actions explicit and correlation can be explained.
But this impression is deceptive: attention and analytical apparatus of the observer, as it seems, still recognizes the logic of kinetic dialogue, but the confidence and doubt already swapped...
Each sensor performs its function - collects prescribed data and transmits the information to the engines...
Changing vibration, humidity, pressure, range, motion, sound, light, temperature of one of the objects transferred in physical activity another
which, in turn, a new round of interaction, again affects the first object...

Exhibition of" Quantum entanglement" runs until January 25
mon, Tue, Wed - weekend

Release, participants and all the details here:


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