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Language of the soul Nicole Mizoguchi (Nicole Mizoguchi).

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Nicole Mizoguchi - an artist from the United States - was engaged in arts and crafts since childhood, then in high school and in college majoring in"Graphic design and illustration ." Despite the fluency technique of painting , she studied for a long time to express the movement of the soul and create spiritual art.She wanted to learn how to transmit light , invest in their work and more energy.

3 (700x473, 183Kb)

" Love"

About his creative method Nicole says so :

"Everyone has the power (goal or talent) to be implemented in this world. My power to create art.Through art I soar into the world of imagination and scope of the soul , traveling far beyond everyday reality.I merge with the divine creator and discovering the beauty that fills me with awe.My hands are trying to translate received grandiose vision , and with simple tools , pastels and paper , I create magic".

5 (700x468, 172Kb)

" Fire bliss"

" Language is for the soul beyond words , and I can not explain it. But I do my best to translate it into the language of art to share with the audience. Art speaks to you , radiating energy and inspiration. I hope you feel it and inspire you to enjoy and share their own strength".

2 (491x700, 123Kb)

"Building a new reality"

artist does not consider his religious art , although present in her works the angels , God, deity and his mother Mary.These images of her understanding symbolize such a high state of spirit, compassion , love and purity.

1 (700x484, 209Kb)

" paradise"

" Since childhood, I was brought up in the spirit of Christianity. Growing up, I found wisdom in many of the world"s spiritual practices , including Buddhism , Hinduism ... I believe that enlightenment and self-improvement on the merits - the individual search for truth and higher wisdom ," - says Nicole.

6 (582x700, 193Kb)

"Before the flight,"

Asked"Why does it work so many human faces ?"Nicole says,"I love people ! Face and especially the eyes , are important to me.Face image - a way to help us to look into our souls.Images in my art , like a mirror , reflecting different aspects of humanity. Thus, we see ourselves in the best light and inspiring to live as brightly.Some of my paintings , especially the mandala, all devoid of images and display a different view on the light and soul".

12 (700x484, 196Kb)

" Angel is born"

8 (700x620, 148Kb)

"Galaxy - butterfly"

9 (487x700, 115Kb)


10 (700x477, 192Kb)

" Behind the veil"

4 (545x700, 125Kb)

" soul rests"

11 (700x494, 138Kb)

" Dawn"

14 (662x700, 199Kb)

" halves"

Nicole Mizoguchi performs"soul portraits"on order. They can be written even remotely picture.In the process, the artist receives intuitive messages for those whose portraits she performs. Because , along with the visual"decoding"of his inner world , the customer receives exclusive information to work on ourselves.

20 (600x467, 123Kb)

" Mary"

22 (700x517, 136Kb)

" Janine"

24 (700x483, 101Kb)

" Jess"

21 (511x700, 150Kb)


- Nicole Mizoguchi (519x700, 82Kb)

b8d713fe58ce (485x700, 59Kb)

foto17 (120x150, 7Kb)

Nicole Mizoguchi (Nicole Mizoguchi)

Source :


"Aboveground Gallery"

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