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Vladimir Makovsky (1846 - 192o)

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Vladimir Makovsky - Peredvizhnik , painter and graphic artist, teacher , master of genre scenes , Academician (1873 ), member of the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts (1893 ) . In his work master of genre painting , paintings, novels Vladimir Makovsky continued and developed the best traditions of Russian pioneers of the genre - Venetsianov Tropinina Fedotov , Perov.Makovsky participated in all exhibitions of the Association of Traveling Art Exhibitions.

Vladimir Makovsky was born in Moscow into a family of prominent art Yegor Ivanovich Makovsky , one of the founders of the Moscow school of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. Vladimir Mother - Love Kornilievna (nee Molengauer ).Brother of the artist Konstantin Makovsky Zhukovsky.Makovsky apartment was on the Moskva River embankment overlooking the Kremlin.

Vladimir From childhood surrounded by the atmosphere of art. In his father"s house going famous people - Glinka , Gogol, Pushkin , SHCHEPKIN Briullov Tropinin ... Arranged literary, Drawing and musical evenings.The family had five children - the eldest daughter of Alexander , Constantine "s sons , Nicholas, Vladimir and youngest daughter Maria. They became well-known artists , and Mary - singer.

Vladimir inherited from the mother a beautiful voice, learned to play the guitar and violin , pretty soon began to draw. First lessons fine art Makovsky took from Tropinina.In fifteen years he wrote a genre picture"boy selling kvas"( 1861).

From 1861 to 1866 Vladimir studied at the Moscow school of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture successor Venetsianov school Zaryanko Sorokina and most Tropinina.Vladimir graduated school with a silver medal and the title of class III level artist for his work"literary reading ."

Literary reading

In 1869 , for the painting"Peasant boys guard horses"Makovsky received the title of"class artist of the first degree with a gold medal Vigee Le Brun for the expression ."With the birth in 1869 of the first child , a son, Alexander , at Makovsky manifested interest in child-related issues ("peasant boy" ,"Pastora"," Night" ," Return to the Night").

peasant boys.1880

in the seventies landscape in Russia has become one of the most important genres of democratic art.Such great artists as Savrasov , Vasiliev, find great poetic content , thrilling beauty in the most seemingly mundane motives. During these years, begin their journey Shishkin, Kuindji Polenov. Vladimir E. not remained aloof from these achievements of Russian painting.Since the mid -seventies and especially in the eighties more attention he pays to work in the air , in open air.And although the scenery does not take a great place to work Makovsky , outside work played a major role in the development of artistic skills well. His genre scenes in the landscape in sunlight have a special artistic value.

By the end of the 1870s in a relatively short period of Vladimir Makovsky budding artist became a recognized master of all.According to Stasov , he is now" strongly may be the first Moscow artist".


Painting"knuckles"Makovsky became the first painting purchased Tretyakov for his gallery , a recognition of him as an artist.

In 1872, Vladimir E. Makovskiyon became a member of the Association of Traveling art Exhibitions. From the outset, was one of the most active members of the Association , participated in almost all exhibitions.

nightingale Lovers.1872 - 1873

in 1873 for his film"nightingale Lovers"Makovsky was produced by the Academy of Arts in academics. The painting was exhibited at the World Exhibition in Vienna, where he attracted attention. Dostoevsky wrote about her : " ... if we have anything to be proud , to show something , then , of course, of our genre ... in these little pictures , in my opinion , there"s even a love for humanity , not only in Russian in particular , but even at all."At the same time, he wrote 21 genre picture for the album"Life Episodes Sevastopol 1854-1855".

in 1882 Vladimir Makovsky accepts an invitation to take the place of a senior teacher at the Moscow school of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, which previously held the deceased Perov.Twelve years of teaching at the Moscow school were for Makovsky period of creative daring , boldness of thought, skill and maturity highest success .

In the village school. 1883

In search of the most exciting , burning topics Makovsky often drawn to images of working people , carefully eyeing the life of the peasants.His paintings do not have those notes of satire , as in showing the townsfolk , burghers , merchants, officials or other representatives of the privileged classes. Farmer in his paintings full of great inner life and feelings of sincerity.

One of the best paintings by Vladimir Makovsky , as the implementation of the picturesque , and the breadth of disclosure topics -"On the Boulevard"( 1886-1887 ).


One large canvases -"rooming house"(1889). Realist Vladimir Makovsky remains there until the end of the brutal truth of true reality.

needy ( rooming house in Moscow )

In 1892 Vladimir Makovsky was awarded the title of professor. Until 1894 he lived and worked in Moscow in the home department of the Palace by the Stone Bridge , near the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, which made ​​for a list of a few sketches.From 1894 to 1918, Makovsky taught at the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts, occupying the post of head master of the genre at the Higher Art School.

Girls, illuminated by the sun.1901

In 1895 Vladimir Makovsky was appointed rector of the Academy. His pupils were Arkhipov, Baksheev , Cheptsov.Since 1905 he - State Councillor.

Shepherdess ( 1903 - 1904 )

The plot"Two Mothers.reception and native mother", according to the author, taken from life. Vladimir Makovsky Shikhobalova told that a similar incident occurred in the family of his friend the artist.

Two mothers.Reception and dear mother.1905-1906

decide the fate of two women and a child.In the family, bring the boy to the people surrounding him with warmth and care , a stranger broke into a woman here to present their parental rights. One minute happiness destroyed the whole family. Makovsky had a rare talent for penetration into the inner world of man, not of it eluded even the most subtle spiritual movement.

Amateur painting. Portrait Collector IE Tsvetkov 1907

Multifaceted creative nature of the artist affected in these years , not only in a wide variety of topics of his household paintings, but his achievements as a painter in different genres of art, especially in the portrait.

Portrait of the Artist Hilarion Mikhailovich Pryanishnikova.1883

their few , but deeply meaningful portraits of Vladimir Makovsky has become one of the best portraitists. this is mainly portraits of people close to him. Like his paintings, portraits immaculate in the figure, the compositional structure , beautiful craftsmanship and perfection.

Died Vladimir Makovsky in Petrograd, February 21, 1920.Buried in Petrograd in the Smolensk cemetery.

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