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to the winery in the shop red opened a group exhibition GOSZAKAZ
The exhibition is curated Sakin , Marina Pechersk WINZAVOD together with Pechersky Gallery 11.04.2013 - 12.05.2013

Marina Cave , Director Pechersky Gallery, co-curator of the project : « project GOSZAKAZ - it"s more than just an exhibition : we expect that he will be a regular , and his main task will be the resumption of dialogue between the state as a customer and contemporary artists , because in this area there is a clear shortage of positive interaction ». members: Maria Agureyeva , Kirill Ass and Anna Ratafeva , Alexander Brodsky , Ivan Gorshkov, Eugene Grandfathers , Dmitry Kawarga , Irina Korina , Andrew Krasulin Maxim CAST , MishMash ( Misha Leikin, Masha Sumnina ), Recycle ( Andrei Blokhin and Georgy Kuznetsov ), Roman Sakin , Leonid Sohransky , Haim Sokol , Rostan Tavasiev

"any city characterized by the presence of any number of so-called animal pests.These mainly include pigeons , sparrows , crows , ducks, seagulls, mice, rats , and of course the homeless dogs and cats. These beings in their totality are residual biological spasm dissolved in synthetic reality postindustrial cities. their role is not defined and random, as, indeed, and the attitude towards them citizens. Some implement their sadistic addiction , declaring himself sweepers and spitting poison in the animals" habitat , others , on the contrary , filled with mercy and compassion.State , usually in slow mode performs its punitive function and , in any case , creates the conditions for the complete disappearance of any useless animals. Nevertheless , urban animals continue to exist, in a strange way clinging to the urban reality.They did not bring tangible benefits and in some ways akin to yet another useless phenomenon - spontaneous street art.All these graffiti , strange objects from garbage and snowmen just inhabit all possible for their probable existence of space. Thus, we have to be certain homelessness knocks out a rational ordering of these two natural disasters. Why not make an attempt to combine them officially , creating a third thing ?!

What if you create original arks - urban sculpture populated homeless animals ... It may be strange biomorphic shaping , fortified by roofs of buildings or in parks and squares , depending on the physiology of their possible inhabitants. Social man created for himself a rational geometrical world, but in the twenty- first century, it is appropriate to abandon unnecessary despotism , creating not square or rectangular pigeon kennels.on the one hand like objects of art bring visual therapeutic alternative , diluting urban landscape natural forms.And simultaneously become centers of cultural activities of citizens , initiate a rare opportunity to communicate with the living nonhuman beings ... It is appropriate to ask about whether they want to objects settle homeless animals.if do not want to , people will expect and encouraged them to appear. this waiting process and ongoing monitoring for the life of the citizens of Form Creation is precisely their role.meaning in creating a situation conducive shifted attention to natural irrationality, accident, nonfunctional excesses , etc. With regard to the internal structure of the reliquaries , for their inhabitants will be laid out all the necessary functionality.material for the creation of objects is UV stabilized polymer which has excellent heat and moisture properties. its easy to clean from litter and remove the waste products of other inmates ." Kawarga

sketch habitable skulpturydlya dog
sketch habitable skulpturydlya dog

Habitable sculpture bird

Reporting event :
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News.Winery. Exhibition" State Order", SYNERGY TV , 14.04.2013

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