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SHELL semantic construction

Запись от Dmitry Kawarga размещена 10.07.2013 в 13:55

The exhibition"FRONTIER"
in Sience-Art-Lab, Moscow, lane.3 butt
July 3 - August 3, 2013

my two small obektika series"Skins semantic structures"

One of the most notable trends of modern scientific knowledge is to create it as the core of 21st century science postnonclassical qualitatively new interdisciplinary ( and possibly transdisciplinary )"paradigm of complexity" , having several"points of growth"."Complex systems - a system which consist of many interacting parts with the ability to generate new quality level of macroscopic collective behavior , which is a manifestation of the spontaneous formation of distinct temporal , spatial or functional structures ."

In the quantum- relativistic physics, including the observer assumes it as an observer aware of the presence of the second order , and the observer himself is both the observer with respect to contingent ensemble"localized observers of the first order".. ........

Concepts observer and observation were introduced initially as a self-reflexive recursive concepts ,"grasping"the process of actively observing a realized as a constructive semiotic procedures for creating forms differences recursively ( cyclically) distinguishing themselves.

For Deleuze and Guattari" observers is everywhere, where there are purely functional properties of the identification and selection of non- direct action , for example, in molecular biology , immunology or in allosteric enzymes ... elementary Particle Physics needs countless infinitely thin observers. One can imagine such observers , whose landscape view is particularly narrow, because the state of things goes through a change of coordinates. Ultimately, it is the ideal partial observers sensory perceptions or experiences inherent funktivam themselves ».

introducing such a character as" partial observer" and stressing that such an observer is"nesubektivny observer"Deleuze and Guattari virtually eliminate the possibility of intersubjective communication as the exchange of meaning and understanding in the world of scientific knowledge , which does not figure philosophical observer. Extremely simplified , we can say that for Deleuze and Guattari intersubjectivity - is a network process , which is implemented" between" philosophy and science - or rather, between the"conceptual characters"in philosophy and" partial observers"in science , the process carried out with the mediation"artifacts of art ».
V.I.Arshinov.Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences
smysloporozhdenie presupposes in its singular points processuality semantic branching , ie diversification of signification that are functionally isomorphic nodes bifurcation fan : R. Barthes writes ,"meaning can enjoy unlimited play ... produce multiple meanings using the same words ».

Deleuze also notes that smysloporozhdenie"bidirectional" , ie"Defines the way in which the meaning and that he should make the branches." Resolution bifurcation choice, ie mechanism preferences of a particular variant of signification , based on fundamentally random moments.
Foucault writes about the"randomness of discourse", ETC " en fixes slipping sense" with the level of collective and objective": it is the product of random variations of perception and discourse. Under this approach, still impossible as the constitution of the final meaning of the text ( ontological"undecidability"of the latter, by R. Barthes ) and the version of foresight signification to be actualized in a particular case ( epistemological"undecidability"text).

Unpredictability signification procedures associated with postmodernism autochthonous ( indigenous ) aspects of life text rather than with cognitive impairment of the entity : R. Barthes notes ,"undecidability - is not weakness , and the structural condition of the narrative : a statement can not be deterministically one voice, one meaning - in saying there are many codes , many voices , and neither one of them is preferred ... Born indeterminatsy certain volume or overdetermination : this volume is the valuation ."
In collaboration with the laboratory robotics Polytechnic Museum.

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