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Philosopher's Club CSI Winery. OPENING

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January 27 began its work a new educational project , based at the CMA WINERY - Philosophical Club . The first event was the discussion of the book Club philosopher , Doctor of Philosophy Valery Podoroga «Kairos, critical moment," a kind of collection of the author's reflections on contemporary art . " Kairos " as a flash - lasting moment of contact with the perception of an art form in its most powerful manifestations causing the observer shock and pain, sometimes almost physical ... guests of the evening were philosophers and artists Anatoly Osmolovskii Andrew Giants and Victor Skersis . Speakers discussed the boundaries of artistic space , and the contexts in which the artist is .

We believe it is important to create a platform for a wide range of listeners , which will be raised and discussed and a variety of topical issues at the intersection of art and philosophy . Yesterday was a lot of helpful and thoughtful listeners who actively participated in the discussion. For our fruitful work, we want to know in which lecturers and speakers you are interested ? Who would you like to hear in the walls of our Philosopher's Club ? And what topics should be raised ? Perhaps it is your choice will be the subject of our future meetings .

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