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At the very bottom of black bass

Запись от Dmitry Kawarga размещена 15.01.2014 в 20:17

Cultural Foundation " ArtChronika " in the exhibition program in Udarnik

26.12.2013 - 26.02.2014
every day except Monday from 12:00 to 21:00

which has grown from the project " Kavarga.Konets sveta.2012 " in the lower tier Drummer ,
as if hinting their proliferation , the end did not come , and everything goes ...
in total mnogoskulpturnoy free installation enfilades ground I put a floor
just three technologically sophisticated interactive object
- " myslepotok 5", " Put.Imitatsiya " and " observer complexity" of the project " Skins semantic structures ."
dozen remakes of old monochrome paintings from the project " Ouroboros " , two-meter photo " Diffusion of Form Creation " and a new five-meter relief panels located on the walls .
Perhaps such a concentration of various mediazhanrov in one exhibition space I have not been able to reach and just this kind of synthesis lies intrigue exhibition.
However, despite the technological and species abundance, but all the works , in varying degrees, are morphological study of evolutionary nature of consciousness .
This visualization of thought processes and modeling shaped motor subconscious.

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